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Zking vs. Fobith

An epic battle took place lets see the details and relive this battle.

Why do people hate others on XBL well this is a good example.

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DragonRecon: Standing in the left corner wearing the MS Sans Serif Blue Font give it up for Zking . Standing in the right corner wearing the Roman Red Font lets hear it for Fobith . Ok ladies and gentlemen boys and girls.

Lets get ready to rumble !!!

Zking: whats up bitch I guess I have to tell you why I hate your sorry ass
Fobith: what ever
Zking: I hate your little bitch ass because your fucking annoying as hell and you think people like you! but guess what fobith Zking doesn't....and I think Zking is tired of hearing your mouth so I would advise you to stop being annoying as hell...fuck I don't know .... talk different because Zking is getting annoyed and will shove his foot up your ass
Fobith: ok
Fobith: and your point
Zking: my point is that you need to stop acting like your fucking good as hell because you know Zking is better than you
Zking: and he will kick your ass
Fobith: yea ok
Fobith: I have never really bragged or boasted
Zking: dude you know you fucking do all of the time
Zking: your just as bad ass darkshift

Fobith: yea ok I haven't even been in the same room as u or even play a game with u since RS3
Zking: yea fucking dumb ass halo 2
Fobith: oh what like 3 games
Fobith: not even ranked
Zking: dude we fucking played together all the fucking time when we got the shit
Zking: you know you fucking annoy everyone

Fobith: sure
Zking: and no one likes your bitch ass
Fobith: and I still could care less its a fucking game
Zking: you can ask anyone and if they are truthful they will say yea i hate the bitch
Fobith: why should I care what retards that don't even know what I look like think
Zking: well I guess if people don't like you by just talking to you I don't know why you have friends
Zking: oh wait if their like darkshift then I'm sure you do
Fobith: yea ok what ever
Fobith: and I act retarded online because its fun that's what the game for
Zking: I'm sure they would hate your ass more by just looking at your aren't for acting like a dumb fuck
Fobith: if people hate me for it then oh well I could care less
Fobith: then what are games for if not for fun
Zking: if you want to go have fun go fucking spank your meat or something don't try to act funny and retarded
Zking: because no one wants to hear your fucking mouth
Fobith: I don't care if u have a problem then don't play with me
Zking: but your not getting what I'm saying
Zking: everyone has a fucking problem with you
Zking: Im speaking for everyone

Fobith: all right then fuck everyone
Fobith: they don't have to play with me either

Zking: then who are you going to play with? I mean I'm sure you play with yourself a lot but I'm talking online
Fobith: my clan
Zking: your clan probably sucks ass anyway
Fobith: u don't even know any of then
Zking: well if your in it then I'm sure it sucks balls
Zking: TTS forever bitch

Fobith: ok think whatever
Zking: a clan that you couldn't get in
Zking: because guess what?

Fobith: why would I want to
Zking: no one likes your ass!
Zking: because TTS actually has good players unlike your little bitch clan that if your in it then I'm sure sucks

Fobith: ok I'm sure TTS is all that much better some clan iv never heard of
Zking: hahaha you will bitch
Zking: TTS aka DBM

Fobith: ok yea keep dreaming
Zking: so your talking shit about DBM now?
Fobith: no just u
Zking: what you got to say then?
Fobith: I still could care less is what iv been saying
Zking: well all Zking is saying is that you need to stop hanging around the members of TTS because everyone hates your little bitch ass

DragonRecon: ok ok break it up its getting a little messy. Thanks for participating in the new event Why people hate other people on live. If you have beef with somebody and want to be on here let me know and Ill get you in the ring with them . I'm like Don King bitch I only do the best fights. Hit me up with an instant message my aim  is DragonRecon16 .

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