March 6th, 2013

Well, it's been three years. I've gotten married, had a child, and have gone back to school. Time and change have been quite active. C++ programming was difficult at first but now it's merely time consuming. I'm also taking technical writing. So far I've maintained a 4.0. Hopefully that lasts or at least stays above a 3.0.

I'm producing artwork for CL again, but not as obsessively (I hope) as I had before. I create items and see how the subject matter is used. Hopefully in good taste. I also plan on rewriting and finishing the technical document on creating artwork for CL.

Promises to keep,
Many miles before I sleep.
Promises to keep.

January 26rd, 2010

So I find myself in Houston again, and single. Anyone got a shovel?

I've been encouraged to go forth and do. So I think the first thing will be to finish this page, and make sure I have certain concepts down so I can get more commissions. The clerical work has been reasonably steady, though it's as boring as hell. Hopefully things get better. I've been told that a local printer might hire me in February.

As my stylus is MIA, I'll have to pencil/scan/potato images for my portfolio. Not so bad, and I've seen plenty of people use pencil/ink with a scanner and it's turned out well. While I still remember how to draw with a potato (mouse), a stylus (pen) is always preferable.