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The Eyes of Justice

I'm igniferous Carew: Commonly known as "The Best" or "The Igniferous," Carew is the performance juggernaut (and co-founder) of "The Eyes of Justice" (a band of adventurers/performers). Being a little on the roguish side makes him and his partner in crime (Rosco Tosscobble a.k.a. "The Sneak") a little hard to get along with. The Eyes of Justice has undergone a rotation of members but the premise is still the same, get paid good, to do good things.

An alumnus of the famed Kroar Academy of Adventuring, Carew garnered more than the necessary skills to peddle his trade. He seeks to do what is right but to be honest Carew's perception of such moral issues is usually skewed. His mode of operation changes from battle to battle, sometime he charges blindly into the fray, and sometimes he sits back while the "heavies" handle it; his mood dictates his course of action.

Carew's most obvious goals are to spread his name as a formidable adventurer and bard.

How long before he outshines the Eyes of Justice is anyone's guess, but for now he's content to hang out battling beasts with his friends.

Rosco Tosscobble

According to custom, the newest member of the Gobbledeegook clan would have at least four names. It's a gnome thing. Everything else about her life would be a little less customary. Tweedledeedee Humdinger Gobbledeegook the Nobody was born on a wagon in a traveling show. That's right, gypsy gnomes. Her dancer mother called her Tweedledeedee, for her favorite birdsong. Her inventor/salesman/swindler father named her Humdinger, as he said "she'll be a Humdinger of a Gobbledeegook, if I do say so myself." The Nobody part came later.

As opposed to the hillside burrows that gnomes tend to love, the Gobbledeegooks preferred the open road. They traveled the countryside, stopping at every settlement from village to city to sing, dance, and sell their wares. Tweedledeedee was to be a dancer like her Ma, but she showed little grace. She could do the movements, but they never really looked like a dance. After her first failure, she was sent to help her father create the cure-all potions he was famous for. She followed his instruction exactly, and with her first elixir, burnt down his lab and destroyed half his supplies.

A bad dancer and a worse alchemist, Tweedledeedee was destined to be a backup singer. She used her gnomish abilities to make the songs sound a little sweeter, the lights flash a little prettier, her father's voice a little louder, and to clean up after the shows. She was a nobody in terms of entertainment, and she began to call herself just that. The nickname stuck.

Fed up with her existence, she left the caravan in Kroar. She wanted to be called Somebody, and she figured the adventuring school was her best chance to step out of her world's shadow.

Tweedledeedee began her studies as a cleric of Garl Glittergold. She could appreciate his love of money and a good joke. She wanted nothing more than to be at the front of the line, but this proved harder here than it was with her family. No matter how hard she tried, everyone else was a little faster, a little stronger, and a little funnier. Once again, she stood in the background while everyone else got their bit of limelight.

Tired and frustrated, she approached her teacher, a wizened old human cleric everyone called Grumbles, in his study. She was ready to quit. Tears welled in her eyes as she told him, but she stopped short as he began to laugh. "Oh, little Tweedledeedee. You aren't going to quit. You need to understand that this is your calling. You are to be the supporting member of whichever group you are a part of. Get used to it." He motioned to a small soft chair next to her. "Here. Sit down."

Fuming, and not just a little confused, she plopped into her seat. Grumbles waited for her to settle down a bit before going on. "Now, just because you aren't in front doesn't mean that you aren't a crucial part of your party. Adventuring isn't about being the one that everyone is staring at. It's about the GOLD!" Tweedledeedee couldn't hide a smile. Grumbles's scowl softened. "There. That's what I wanted to see. Now, we know the gold is nice, but it isn't the most important part. Adventuring is about being a part of a team. As a cleric, you'll be saving your party's lives. You're the girdle! You keep things smooth, you keep things where they belong, and with any luck, your enemies will barely notice you!"

Grumbles smoothed over his beard, mulling an idea. "As a matter of fact, Nobody is not going to be your nickname anymore, from now on, you're Girdt." He nodded with satisfaction. Tweedledeedee stared at him blankly. He waited, then rolled his eyes and shrugged his exasperation.

"Girdt... as in girdle? Holding it all together? Come on! That was clever! You silly gnomes never get it." Grumbles grumbled something under his breath, and then turned back to Tweedledeedee. "Go on now. Get back to your lessons! I'll hear no more of this quitting nonsense. You'll learn more of your deity, you'll do some healing, you'll join a party, and you'll like it!" He gestured to the door. Tweedledeedee left feeling much better, but still a little wary. On her way back to her room, she ran into a group she had been assigned to practice with the next day. A bald Halfling sat in the center of the group, telling a story about his crazy cousin. Tweedledeedee stopped to listen.

"...and he was the sneakiest bastard! He even demanded that we all call him the Sneak! I wonder what he's up to..." his eyes caught Tweedledeedee's. "Well, hi there. You'll be running with us tomorrow, right?" She smiled and nodded shyly. "The name's Treece. Whadda they call you?"

"I'm Tweedledeedee Humdinger Gobbledeegook. But some call me Girdt."

Treece Tosscobble
Treeces Quircks and "foibles": Has a "thing" for human females. Shaves his head regularly (with a "special" +1 dagger. Since the destruction of Kroar, he collects insects to keep his mind off the guilt of loosing his home. Cares for his current pary deeply. He considers them all family and would sacrifice himself for them. He wants to learn to play the lute. Grew up in a gnomish village (shimmering flats) with Rosco. Is the "unofficial" sneak 2. Heavy drinker, cranky when drunk. Wants to become a good cook. Snores lightly when he sleeps. Both ears are peirced 5 times each. Is ticklish. Is usually prepared for anything. Is kind of nerdy, got good grades at the academy. Fancies himself an "exotic" dancer. Always secretly competes with Rosco, is very jealous of his sneak skills. Could be a great pary leader, but modesty keeps him from trying for it. More often then not very trusting. Thought that snappy was a bad idea and is sort of glad he's missing. Hopes his adademy sweetheart, Jahla the human sorceress, made it out of Kroar safe. Feels guilty about stealing from the fence, but justifies it. "we need it more now that we're exiled." A hobby fisherman. Also collects scrolls.

Background: Adrian Jacklin was raised the son of a fisherman, he would travel with his father on long fishing expeditions even at an early age, on these expeditions while waiting to pull in the nets Adrian would often pretend he was fighting off leagues of pirates, his mock weapon during these flights of fantasy was a trident. The boy actually became fairly proficient with the weapon/tool. He quickly learned how to use its length to spear large predatory sea creatures, and also how to loft the trident in the air like a spear. Not particularly good at fishing, Adrian's father decided that his son should learn the fighting arts. A good fighter could be useful in the employ of the military. Perhaps with his sea-legs Adrian might enlist in the Navy. He was sent to train at the famed Kroar adventuring academy where he would learn how to fight. Adrian quickly became adept as a fighter, learning many of the early lessons with ease. Kroar's tradition of exploratory classes however led Adrian in unusual directions. He became enamored with the Barbarian tradition, enjoying tales of the plainsmen and plainswomen. He decided that his adventuring title would be Tyros, a barbarian name, of the Greater Sun Clan, which means: Fighter spirit or Strength of Wings. (Carew also later revealed to him that those following the Olympian pantheon used this word to mean: cheese)

He also discovered that he enjoyed the knowledge and appreciation of art that bards possess; as well as their use of magic to augment their fighting prowess.

Much to the dismay of his father, Tyros now studied obscure bardic lore, played a lute, and referred to himself as Tyros; madness in the eyes of a simple fisherman.

Shortly after graduation he learned that the Eyes of Justice (recent alumnus from the Kroar adventuring school had opened their ranks to new members) he made sure that his name was near the top of the list to meet this crew as their exploits had already become relatively well known in Kroar.

He felt this was a group he could learn from and be free to explore his somewhat unorthodox personal style.

Synopsis: Tyros, currently the junior member of the Eyes of Justice, apprenticing under Carew has continued with his melee training but is learning to utilize his bardic abilities to enhance those abilities. His goals, unlike Carew's, are not to become famous or wealthy. He prefers to use this experience with the eyes of justice to learn from, entertain, and protect others. Eventually he hopes to be able to work his spells without hindrance from heavy armor and to use his weapons as a conduit for his bardic spells and abilities.

Former Members
Bryan Goomba
Thaddeus Civerb
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