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The fool bought it for 5,500 gp!

Karalda sat back and eyed his latest purchase. The brilliant 4.5" globe refracted light more akin to a prism, but he could tell there was something unique about it. "never have seen a thing like it. I do believe it is constructed of pure ruby. wait a minute..." using his gem loupe Karalda's keen eyes notice a thin seam. A circular button begins to depress with added pressure. Suddenly the shop door opens. 'damnit! right when it was getting good.' he thought.

A very finely dressed human crossed the room and stopped infront of the counter. Karalda's guess was that he was some noble complaining about theivery. It was rather typical. "Take a look around, Ya can see yerself whats for sale." He says turning around and busying himself with nothing in particular. "how much for that red globe then?" With out turning around Karlada replies "not for sale, atleast not yet." Karalda spins around after the noble begins to babble some strange words guessed to be a spell. When he gets a good look at the noble however, Karalda realizes that the he is a good friend, and a trustworthy person. The noble says a few more magical words. "I wouldnt mind taking that worthless peice of art off your hands for 5,000 gp. I would like that toy, good for parlor tricks." Karalda's grin widens. "make it 5,500 and its a deal."