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My Favorite Things

Caltazaniaph Evrine Neutral Evil 5th level Elven sorceror Strength:9 -1 Dexterity:16 +3 Constitution:14 +2 Wisdom:10 +0 Intelligence:12 +1 Charisma:18 +4 Skills Concentration +8 Spellcraft +8 Knowledge(arcane)+8 Search +6(+4origanally +2 racial bonus) Spot +6(+4origanally +2 racial bonus) listen +6 (+4 origanally +2 racial bonus Feats Point blank shot Precise Shot Fort:+3 Ref:+4 Will:+4 AC:15 (3 dexterity, 2 leather armor 12 flatfooted touch 13) Longbow:1d8,x3 longsword:1d8 base attack bonus meele:+1 base attack bonus range:+5 arcane penalty:10% Racial Abilities +2 dexterity,-2 constitution medium size speed 30 ft immune to sleep and +2 bonus to saves against enchanments lowlight vision proficient with longsword,rapier,shortbow,longbow,composite longbow, composite shortbow +2 bonus to listen search and spot checks Landuages: Elven, common and Draconic Spells:cantrips (0 level)Resistance,ray of frost,read magic, disrupt undead,daze, open/close 1st level: Magic missle,mage armor,shocking grasp,summon monster 1 2nd level:flaming sphere,Melfs acid arrow equipment:backpack,3 torches, waterskin, bedroll, leather armor, black cloak, rations, longbow, longsword