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You own my Heart

I love You

Master I love You with all my heart and I am trying hard to learn this for You but to be honest

i am scared of failing and it is making me cry. i spent hours trying to learn how to do just this

and at first when it worked

i was really happy but now, looking at it, i feel like a failure again.

i did learn at least how to edit a page and center the heading but it seems like such stupid things

compaired to what i desire to do for You my Master... i hate thinking that i fail You all the time.~crying hard~

OMG Master i just totally learned how to make the page change color.... as You can see this is a work in progress i refuse to give up this time

OMG OMG Master i made a picture show up ~crying hard~ God i love You Master

it is 1:38 and i just learn how to make this picture show up... i really have been trying hard Master... i wish i could make You proud of me...

i am trying to wait up for You cause i want just to be near You for a min before i sleep... i love You ~soft kisses~