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Welcome to Dramorakov's Armory

Welcome to dramorakov's Armory, and i hope that you enjoy the site! Click on the picture for instand access to the site. But if you are new to the site then scroll down and read the disclaimer.

This right here, what you are reading, is the disclaimer. If you do not wish to view vulgar, violent, or war related material then exit the site. By continuing and clicking on the above image, you are stating that you will not be offended by the material inside this site. I do not support all of the informational information in the site, so i would like it if you did not email me or contact me with critisicsm assuming that i support everything that is inside the site. Parts of this site can be used for informational references, but if my personal work is used, then i wish to be given credit. If you do not do this then you are breaking the law and should be thrown into jail. Now that you have finished the disclaimer, you may now enjoy the site and thank you for following the rules.