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Dragonball Z

My Basic Dragon Ball Z Summary Far away deep in space there where two races of people that shared a planet together. The Tuffles where a refined culture that fancied the arts, while the Saiyins, who peopled the arid wastelands beyond the cities, were a savage bunch who lived in primitive fashions. This tribe of titans had two distinguishing traits in common they all had tails, and they all shared the same passion, they loved to fight. One day the inevitable happened, the Saiyins attacked. Even though the Saiyins where superior in size and strength, the Tuffles had advanced technology on their side, and they quickly gained the upper hand. But has the battle raged on to the night the Tuffles made a horrible discovery, a full moon caused the Saiyins to transform into GIANT APE-LIKE CREATERS! The Tuffles had no chance against the awesome destructive force of the transformed Saiyins. A new era began on the planet, which is now known as Vegeta. Deals where made in exchange for a wealth of money and technology, the Saiyins would conquer other plants and handed them over to whoever hired them to do the job. The Saiyans' operation grew exponentially, and to keep up the demand these plant pirates even sent there babies to distant plants knowing one day the babies would grow up and to carry out the order to extinguish the planets inhabitants. But when an infant Saiyin named Kakarott was sent to the plant Earth something went drastically wrong, and a legend was born. Unaware of his dark origin a pure and innocent boy named Goku lived alone in the woods. Found in the wild and raised by a legendary master of the Martial Arts the boy possessed incredible powers, and when the exponential young man teamed up with a girl named Bulma, who was searching for the dragon balls it was the beginning of a fantastic adventure! But little did the unsuspecting pair know how perilous there journey would be. On his journey Goku meet his best friend Krillin. Together they studied Martial Arts under the great Master Roshi. Goku even met his Future wife on his travels. And so the boy known as Goku continued to grow and prosper until one day he had a boy of his one. The virtuous little warrior had become a man.

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