Welcome dolphins fans, This my website that makes fun of you guys and your team. Every year it seems, This is the year you guys are going to the superbowl. Now I know the Miami Dolphins have 2 superbowl wins, But that was in 73 and 1974. Also you guys love to say "We are the only un defeated team in NFl@ history." That's great, But you guys haven't won a superbowl since. This is what happen next for the dolphins


1983 XVII Lost to Washington Redskins, 27-17
1985 XIX Lost to San Francisco 49ers, 38-16

Super Bowl Recaps

Super Bowl XVII Super Bowl XIX
San Francisco 38, Miami 16

Stanford Stadium
Stanford, California
January 20, 1985
Attendance: 84,059
MVP: Joe Montana, QB, San Francisco

Washington 27, Miami 17

Rose Bowl
Pasadena, California
January 30, 1983
Attendance: 103,667
MVP: John Riggins, RB, Washington

Super Bowl XVII Boxscore | Super Bowl XVII Ticket and Ring

John Riggins carried Washington to victory in Super Bowl XVII. (AP)

My Favorite dolphin debacle

Jan 15, 2000

jacksonville jags spanked the dolphins


The Jacksonville Jaguars hosted the Miami Dolphins in the second round of this year's NFL playoffs in a much anticipated cross-state rivalry which had both sides optimistic. When the dust had settled the Jags had rolled up 62 points, eliminating the Dolphins from the palyoffs and raising questions about the futures of Dan Marino and Jimmy Johnson.







Bottom Line you guys suck

The tradition continues

This team is a joke


all logos,dolphin logo , NFL Shield are Trademarks of the NFL@. This is a website letting know the dolphins suck and they will suck forever.

Miami Dolphins@ Suck

by Hardcore aka Izzy

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