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Dark Age of Camelot is a MMORPG. MMORPG is Massively Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Game. The game was created in 2000 by Mythic Entertainment. Mythic wanted to give people a story before they started the game. Here is the story:

Welcome, traveler. These are dark times, indeed. We invite you to join us in bringing light back to our lands. Arthur is dead, and hordes of monsters and brigands, and worse, travel the land. Our enemies gather to tear down what we have built. Join us and protect the realm from its adversaries. It will be an adventure worthy of song and verse, to be sure.

If you so choose, you may join the defenders of Albion, what remains of Arthurís realm, with fair Camelot at its center. Fight with weapons and magic and rise among the ranks of protectors.

We are the protectors of the land of Arthur, the greatest of kings. Ours is the fair land of Albion, and none fairer do grace this Earth. We have need of strong arms and quick minds, as we are ever vigilant against the black hordes that spring up nearly everywhere, save the halls of Camelot themselves. You may win renown and great rewards from your efforts. Come join those who defend Albion!

By Thorís Hammer and Odinís Mighty Beard, there are none who love a good fight more than the Vikings. And fight we shall, wherever our enemies may gather. Come to the land of the old gods and wield your sword or hammer with us. None can stand against our might, for we love battle like none other. Be a mighty hero, even among the greatest of us, and the skalds shall tell your tale in ages to come.

The others may tempt you with mighty deeds and fine words, but in Hibernia we keep closest to the oldest of the spirits of the Earth. Ours is the most mystical land, imbued with the spirit of ancient days and ancient powers. If you desire to fight with us against the encroachment of evil and darkness, come to the most magical land of all, Hibernia.

Whatever Realm you choose, you will find compatriots ready to wield sword and axe, hammer and spearÖ to cast mighty spells and to travel beside you. You will have no dearth of enemies to vanquish. Are you ready, then? As every journey must start somewhere, yours will start here!

There are many features about this game. This site will help you get to know Dark Age of Camelot better.