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Price: $38.00


Athame "Neptune Dagger"
17 1/4"overall length.
Cast Metal finish handle and Stainless Steel blade.
w/Leather Sheath.
Price: $22.00


Athame Egyptian (12 1/2")
Slender Egyptian design, antiqued coppertone athame with double edged, kriss-style (wavy edges) stainless steel blade. Hilt is an Egyptian goddess with a winged scarab comprising the hand guard. Sheath is adorned with hieroglyphic symbols. Measures approx. 12" long, 13" long with sheath.
Price: $35.00


Athame Pearl Dagger
16" Overall Pearl Dagger
w/Die Cast Copper Plated Handle


Price: $32.00






Roman Dagger ceremonial Athame
21 3/4"Overall complete with sheath
Sheath and Dagger are tipped with Silver
Stainless Steel Blade with Blood Grooves


Price: $65.00


Athame "Sword of Darkness"
37"overall length. Antiqued Bronze Cast Metal Handle. Intricately carved details.
Black simulated granite grip & Stainless Steel blade.
Sword of Darkness w/Leather Sheath.
Price: $124.95


Sword of Shadows
34" Blade

Price: $31.95



The bounty and abundance of Flora, this Wand is adorned with leaves, flowers, and the Green Goddess. Topped with a beautiful Austrian Crystal point. Measures approx 8" in length.

Price: $85.00



"She Who Creates from Her Own Source" the Spiral Goddess and Her sacred tree. Wand of sacred action and emerging Goddess Culture. Priestess Energy, Creativity, Healing & Power. All Elements Energy. Measures approx 10" in length. The sphere at the top is available in Rose Quartz, Atlantisite, or Clear Quartz.