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~*~Lily's Web Site~*~

Hello everyone!!! I am Omnia, welcome to my webpage!! I already listed a bunch of crap below of what I like to do so yeah, if you are interested then read it. If yah would like to talk to me then my email is at the bottom of the page. Some of the links that I also give you below are the different things I like to do. Job's Daughters is an organization for girls and its a lot of fun. DeMolay is an organization for boys and its wicked too!! The Candybar is a website where you can make dolls, like these... Those two dolls represent me and my best friend (yes we look like that) Well I am outie, enjoy the site!! Love, Omnia

Favorite things to do

Awesome Links

Candybar- Make dolls (like the one above)
Harry Potter- RPG/Stories
Angelfire- Free Web Pages
International Order of Job's Daughters
Northern California DeMolay