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0 Degree Haircut
90 degree haircut
180 degree Haircut
Blended haircut

Cutting the Low-Elevation, Zero-Degree, or Blunt Haircut

  1. Section the hair into the four haircutting sections.
  2. Start at the bottom of the neck, take a horizontal parting on the left back section, and comb straight down. Cut the hair across, parallel to the floor, at the desired length. Repeat in the right section, matching the length to the left side. This will be the guide.
  3. Return to the left side and make a parting the same thickness as your first parting. Comb the hair straight down and cut to match the length to the first cut. Repeat to the right side.
  4. Continue working up the back of the head, alternating from the left section to the right section.
  5. Move to the left front section of the head. Starting at the bottom of the section, make a horizontal parting. Comb the hair straight down. Cut the hair parallel to the floor, matching the length in the front section with the length in the back section.
  6. Continue working up the front section using horizontal partings until all of the hair that reaches the hanging length is cut.
  7. repeat steps five and six on the right side.