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Welcome to Diaper Diva's

Cloth diaper delivery service

serving the Eugene/Springfield and surrounding areas

phone: Kara 688-8253 or Christine 746-5315

Email for more info

Why Choose Cloth?

Need more info here are some of our favorite websites: Great places to buy diapering accessories and loads of info on using cloth vs disposables.



Setup Fee: This covers Administrative costs, pails, and liners. This is a One time Fee

$30.00 With Diaper Pail  $20.00 Without Diaper Pail


# Diapers      price per month          price per week

 80                  $75.00                         $18.75

 72**              $70.00                         $17.50

 60                  $65.00                        $16.50

 50                 $60.00                         $15.00

 40                 $55.00                         $13.75

30 Minimum   $50.00                         $12.50

**Recommended for newborn

*prices subject to change