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some of the things in my life

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Here's a lil about my life for those who want to read this... ok thats all lol, well I'll tell ya it isn't to exciting. I live in a dead end town with absolutletly nothing to do... I spend most of my time talkin to people on msn or finding some sort of way to waste the days away, mostly thinking about getting the fuck out of here... My best friend pretty much left me for a girl... What happend to "friends & family before girls" it was something someone said to me once but yeah that doesn't matter much anymore I realize we're all growing up and we're just bound to go our own ways. Now a days I find most of my close friends live far away and that I don't have many people to talk to without spending money on phone bills, but im managing, I have a great friend Peter.. da pot head lol his pic is on this site, my cousin Erin, one of my favourite people to hang out with lol, and then there's all those other people that I find to walk the boring halls of my school with. Life in meaford is boring as hell and hopefully someday soon I'm getting out of here. Sure it will be hard to say good-bye to those who I've been around for 15 years, but it's time for me to move on with my life and hopefully some of those great friends of mine will come back to me someday. I find myself in a long distance relationship, damn they are hard to uphold but I'm pretty dedicated to it so im sure it will work out just fine, and if things work out we could trim down this distance soon by alot of miles. As for the rest of my life not involving anyone.. Is pretty much depressing negitive thoughts always running through my head, and the thoughts that have plagued my mind for the 15 years of my life I have lived in the same house, haveing to share a room. For those who know about sharing a room and how much it sucks know what im talking about, as for those of you who don't ...IT SUCKS especially when the person is 3 years older than you, is big, fat, and smelly, oh is it ever ... How to you say it... I don't know but it fuckin sucks! lol. You can just imagine the horror I go through, um there is other stuff running through my mind that I'm not opening for discussion ^_^ maybe in time but I think thats all for now. these are pics of my friends

pics of my friends


this is my friend riss from B.C. ... isn't she pretty? lol.. she is really cool ^_^ cya around ...probily not


thats seena, long time no see girl, see ya round... maybe.. again probily not

this is my friend phoenix and her fiance

dont they look good together? ... meh your decision lol

thats my friend lol

this is richard... he's got a chick he's with now, he dropped school to make lots of money... stupid? you decide... me on the other hand think it's okay maybe...

thats peter ... my good friend and the pot head of us all

it's a shitty pic but this is richard's brother pete...he's cool and one of my best friends, things will turn out for all of us lol


Thats Kaci, she's my bestest buddy...she's cool to hang with, see ya soon I should be up there soon.

Steph the sexxxy lady & I mean that ^_^

still waitin to hang out with you lol,hopefully it will be soon and before I move... if I do

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