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Cars & Motorcycles Classifieds by Pacfusion Singapore - New Cars, Used Cars, New Motorbikes, Used Motorbikes for sale in Singapore

 Welcome to Automobiles Classifieds

You may have noticed that we have recently revamped this segment! We have enhanced the search engine in the Auto Classifieds to improve your surfing experience. Now, you can search for a new or used car by the make, model, color, price, engine capacity, number of owners, mileage and more!

Simply select a category and start your search now !
COE Results
January 2004 2nd Bidding
Category QP($) PQP($)
A - Car ( <= 1600cc) 24,001 -
B - Car ( > 1600 cc) 22,002 -
C - Goods Vehicle & Bus 5,502 -
D - Motorcycle 210 -
E - Open 22,801