Introduction to the Holy Lineage of the Sangréal

Sangreal by Hugo Baur

My starting point is what significance, if any, has the concept of a Sangréal "Royal Bloodline" stemming from the supposed marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene? What has it got to do with us today? The idea is that here, a sort of Spiritual "Grail Code" of Service is handed down genetically by dint of being related to this dynastic marriage. The line was said to have followed not only Jesus & Mary Magdalene, but also from his uncle, Joseph of Aramathea, whose daughter married the Arch Druid Brân and whose descendants through Avallach became the Pendragon lineage of Albion. This was not only of the lineage of Jesus but also of the lineage of King David. A lineage stretching back through the descendants of Judah.

The bloodline has also been traced by Laurence Gardner in his book "Bloodline of the Holy Grail," to the present Prince Michael James Alexander Stuart. The precepts of the Grail Code are:

"Through the natural system of heredity (being born and bred to the task) such a Constitutional Guardian would provide an 'ongoing continuity' of public representation through successive governments. In this regard both monarchs and ministers would be servants of the Constitution on behalf of the Community of the Realm. Such a concept of moral government lies at the very heart of the Grail Code, and it remains within the bounds of possibility for every civilised Nation State." (Laurence Gardner).

Now Christianity being as problematic as it is to unravel means that we are rather stuck with our handed down precepts of what Jesus represented, meant or did or didn't say. Let us look at our precepts as handed down to us not only from Christianity but also the later discovery by science, that of genetics.

Some miscellaneous facts and arguments for and against the Sangréal bloodline:

1) Imagine that you are suddenly informed that you are a descendant of Jesus Christ and that you are related genetically to Jesus by his marriage to Mary Magdalene and their descendants. Imagine that it could be proved through tracing your family line back through both ancient and modern records, or else confirmed by a dna. test. This is all hypothetical of course, but what feelings and realisations would one have? Well let me try; i have a revelation of both the sacredness and Divinity of my body and of the earth. I resonate with my new found relationship to the Divine because i am Jesus Christ's genetic descendant. As i contemplate this then so does my consciousness modify itself on the resonance permeating my Spiritualised body and expanded awareness.

2) Then again Jesus said; "My Kingdom is not of this world" in answer to "The Devil" (perhaps an aspect of his mind)during his forty days in the wilderness. This is when he contemplated the proposition to rule as an earthly king. The Jews however were expecting a Messiah to rule as King and this is the biblical meaning of Messiah. The Jews knew that the Messiah would come from the lineage of David. Psalm 89:29, Matthew 1:1

3) Rudolph Steiner believed that the idea of a hereditary bloodline was outdated. He replaced this old form of Divinity by Atlantean and Hebraic bloodlines, with the concept of the 'etherisation of the blood.' Here the blood becomes Spiritualised through Divine Grace rather than through racial purity. See Steiner's essay: 'The Gospel of St. John And Its Relation to the Other Gospels', also 'Christ and the Spiritual World' and the lectures by Adriana Koulias.

Update Feb'09: Have now read some more detailed insights from Walter Johannes Stein who was a pupil of Steiner:

"A remarkable custom: the men are silent about their origin, as we know too from the story of Lohengrin, but not the women. Theirin too is concealed a mystery of the nature of male and female. Rudolph Steiner has told us that the forces of heredity work in such a way that they are in fact inherited through the male, whilst the women rather works against heredity, and through what she gives, transmits to the children forces which are more universally human characteristics, which are derived from the whole cosmos.

One must not enquire of a male messenger of the Grail who was his father or his mother; for it is just what runs through the generations that is unessential, so soon as he becomes Grail Knight. In the case of the woman, what she brings with her out of the heredity connection is the essential thing. The Grail has the tendency to dissolve the blood relationship and to replace it by relationship of soul. Hence the man must free himself from what works in him as heredity, because in her case and in virtue of her womanly nature these are already forces working against heredity. That is why in all the Grail genealogies more stress is laid upon the descent from the mother than upon descent from the father. Let me give one example to illustrate this. Those writers for example who wish to emphasise that Charlemagne was the bearer of a spiritual mission lay stress upon the fact that his grandparents on his mother's side were Flore and Blanscheflur. Compare the poem of Konrad Fleck. It is a question of his maternal descent. That is the meaning of the line: God sendeth men in secret, but the maidens by light of day. "

"The call to the Grail came through birth. Forces of heredity were first active. But they are placed in the service of something which will bring forth a new relationship between men. Christ referred to this new relationship when his relations came to him, to speak with him. On that occasion, ignoring their petition, and pointing to the people, he said, 'these are my brothers and my sisters.'

In these words one can recognise the transition from the moon-impulse to the sun-impulse, from Gabriel to Michael. The nation which is placed specially under the leadership of Gabriel which bears on its shield the lily, has to express the Grail-Saga most powerfully of all in its microcosmic aspect. It was not by chance but by cosmic law, that Chretien de Troyes wrote his work in Old French." from "The Ninth Century and the Holy Grail," by W.J. Stein

If the following hypothesis is correct then the above quote can now been scientifically verified:

"While some epigenetic changes are heritable through the germ line, many are not — and necessarily so. You wouldn't want the epigenome of a heart cell or kidney cell — or, more relevantly, a gonad cell — to find its way unchanged into the fertilized egg. The slate upon which all the developmental processes of the adult have been written needs to be wiped clean in order to clear a space for the next generation. (Or relatively clean — heritable epigenetic marks are somehow preserved.) As part of this slate-cleaning, a wave of demethylation passes along each chromosome shortly after fertilization and is completed by the time of implantation in the uterus. Immediately following this, a new methylation occurs, appropriate for the embryo and giving it a fresh epigenetic start.

from "On Making the Genome Whole" by Steve Talbot

4) From: "The Coming of the Feminine Christ" by Niamh Clune, chapter 8 - "Entrance to the Underworld":

"Only the descent into the darkness of unconsciousness can release you from ancestral thoughtforms that keep you in bondage. Then must you descend into the greater darkness, into the purgatory of all souls and atone for them, who descended into darkness, with their lives unresolved. Free your ancestors from their suffering, those abandoned souls, crying out for recognition and for redemption. Our destiny is to heal the bloodline.... the chalice is within. The chalice contains the blood of Christ. The bloodline of Christ shall heal the world." As quoted in the essay by Maia Nartoomid.

5) Darwin came up with the idea of Natural Selection which was already being used by breeders of domestic animals for millenia and also to keep certain royal bloodlines pure. In Atlantean times it was apparently used to preserve the psychic abilities in certain lines of Priestesses. This was also employed by the Priestesses of Avalon in the grail stories (Zimmer Bradley etc). See also the articles by Jay Weidner:

"This then is the true meaning behind the guarding of bloodlines and the myths of the Holy Grail. The new species, or the genetic trait that would eventually emerge as a new species, had to be protected and guarded from the odious machinations of the Setians who fear this New Man and know that his emergence will be their end. The forces of darkness have been actively seeking out the ones with these particular genetic predilections and attempting to eliminate them as quickly as possible."

from 'The Golden Age and the End of the World - the Emergence of Homo Luminous?' by Jay Weidner.

6) The Geneticist Richard Dawkins, in his book-"River out of Eden", states: that we are likely to all have a common ancestor as recently as Norman Times (11th Century) rather than Neolithic. He also has a theory of Memes or that ideas are handed down independently of heredity. [update: according to the findings of the Genographic Project; our common ancestors are Paleolithic since these define the haplotypes, although recent matches within a haplogoup may still occur, as Dawkins suggests].

7) Rupert Sheldrake, the Biologist and Author of the theory of Morpho-Genetic Fields, is saying that unrelated things can resonate at spatial distances because they are part of the same morphic field. An example such as unrelated Laboratory Rats learning to work out a maze more quickly because previous rats have had to go through the learning process. The trait is then "transposed" to subsequent generations of unrelated rats. Perhaps this is why kids are getting cleverer at passing exams where the parents failed. i.e. "I don't know where s/he gets it from, its certainly not from me!"

8) Rupert Sheldrake also says that too much importance has been placed upon the role of DNA in behavioural theory and hereditary traits and that it's function is no more than to replicate proteins for the body.

9) "Collectively, archetypes have been compared to a blueprint or a genetic code which presents predetermined plans for the structure and function and development of each aspect of human life. We might wonder whether some or all of the archetypes are biologically based in the genes themselves, with one archetype per gene; if so, then our awareness of archetypes is founded on our intuitive awareness of our own genetic structure. Carl Jung thought that the archetypes are "present in the germplasm," i.e., the genes. Are we then up against a reductionist-holistic paradox? Where, in particle physics, waves revert to being particles only when observed, so also with the genes? i.e. Insects that will readily mutate (in conformity with the Darwinian process) their genetic code for immunity against pesticides; whereas Drosophila can overcome the recessive "eye absent" code after several generations of selectively mating the recessives together. The creationist paradigm that: "the eye will manifest in any way it can, despite "genetic codes". (Prof Glen Schaefer)

Some interpretations:

I have previously tried to resolve this by using the Celtic Cross Symbol; whereby the horizontal axis represents the body-DNA-family heredity-time. The vertical axis represents the spiritual-resonances-non time related-spiritual family. The circle as our field of consciousness relating to decisions made on the crux between body and spirit or time and eternity. Looking back through the history of the bloodline we can see that the consciousness factor has indeed determined its continuity. There have certainly been "Grail Guardians" such as Merlin and Taliesin who have worked for its cause;

I am Taliesin-

and i defend the true lineage,

until the end of time,

to the profit of Elphin. (Hanes Taliesin)

Merlin contrived a union between Ygerne; who was of the Sangréal bloodline and Uther Pendragon of the lineage of David (Pen-Dragon King) through Joseph of Aramathea in order to bring about the birth of Arthur Pendragon.

From here the Sangréal descent throughout Christendom was expressed not least than through Godfroi de Bouillon, himself being of the Pendragon line of King David.

"According to Guillaume de Tyre, the Templar Knights or the Order of the Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon was founded in 1188. Its founder is said to be one Hugues de Payen, a nobleman from Champagne and vassal of the Count of Champagne. One day Hugues, unsolicited, presented himself with eight comrades at the palace of Baudouin I - King of Jerusulem, whose elder brother Godfroi de Bouillon, had captured the Holy City nineteen years before. Baudouin seems to have received them most cordially, as did the Patriarch of Jerusulem - the religious leader of the new kingdom and special emissary of the pope." (from Baigent et al).

Later in the 17th and 18th centuries; the Jacobite cause was an attempt to preserve the Sangréal lineage through knowledge of the sacred bloodline in its descent from the Merovingian Franks through Arthur Pendragon and through to the Scottish Stuart Dynasty. It is likely that the Jacobites resonated morphically with the bloodline because they were themselves part of it. The Jacobites were often part of noble families who tended to marry their cousins and thus keep the bloodline relatively unchanged.

My personal experiences into these claims are highlighted in the articles of this website. I have researched my past lives using self regression analysis and have found other families to which i had previously belonged. I have found that some members of my present family and i go back aeons. It seems that as a group soul we incarnate as a family and experience the same cycles and have a family 'karma' to work out.

I have met other family members from previous lives who are not part of my present family. These "Spiritual family" members also have the same family 'karma' as my present family and the similarity is uncanny. I have looked into the possible validity of the Monad whereby there are twelve projections which again project into a further twelve making 144 souls etc.

Not all of these souls are likely to be incarnate at the same time and are not all likely to be part of the same family at an given point in history. My past life research backs this theory up very well. Therefore the articles on this site are to highlight my findings and as such are related mostly to my connection with England or Albion as it was once known.

As i am a psychic channel, i have intuitively deduced the thread of my relationship to the Sangréal bloodline throughout many lives and incarnations.

I am also a Biologist and so i am aware of the evolutionary factors determining population genetics.

Putting the two together means that i can show what has happened: The exponential growth of the human world population in recent centuries and decades has served to increase the chances of any one individual bearing genes from Spiritual initiators such as Jesus and Mary Magdalene. This is because in small populations alleles (variant genes) are either fixed or eliminated by genetic drift. In a large population the alleles are increased in their distribution in a certain frequency called Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium. This is supposing that there is random assortative mating. What increases the chance of the continuity of the Sangréal lineage is the fact that mating in a human population is mostly non-random. Although humans are acted on externally by natural evolutionary forces which by themselves cannot bring about Spiritual advancement let alone initiation, there is the hope that when a Christ incarnates the blood is purified by a "conscious shock." A new spiritual awareness will then be the determining factor of mate choice and the new "morphic resonance" will come into effect. Time and distance are no obstacles where two people are bonded by a morphic field. The bloodline continues as if by synchronicity.

In-between initiations of spiritual conscious shock there are periods of evolution under positive assortative mating. Qualities such as attractiveness, status and other material factors determine mate choice during this time. Also degenerative factors may come in through negative assortative mating such as unwanted pregnancy, social deprivation etc. The natural evolution here means that it can only develop humans to a certain point and beyond which man cannot progress. Mankind is bound by the laws of the material world but can potentially transcend them. The idea that mankind is has not progressed but has degenerated from his origins is also covered in the articles.

Some findings:

The thread of my own grail lineage is as follows:

Thoth who came to this dimension from a previous cycle called "the moon chain" cycle.

A period of relative evolution under positive assortative mating during the Lemurian era. Then because of an eventual degeneracy into negative assortative mating, the Lemurians eventually lost all memory of Thoth, the first Spiritual teacher of Humanity.

The Atlanteans were the guardians of the bloodline of Thoth and kept it intact. The Grail Guardians carried it to Ireland just before the flood which destroyed the continent, since like the Lemurians, they too eventually degenerated and lost all memory of their origins through negative assortative mating in the general population.

This lineage was then transferred through Ireland by the Sacred Royal Dynasty of the Kings of Tara. These Kings would readily disperse their genes polygamously during their circuit of the land, once every seven years.

To Cuchulain of Muirthemne who was of the Dragon Lineage (around the time of Christ)

From Cuchulain to Taliesin who was also of the Celtic Dragon (AD 517) and who had married back into the Sangreal lineage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene through his successive partners and wives Ygerne, Viviane and Nimue, who were of this bloodline

From Taliesin through to the Celts of Scotland and Northumbria, the genes which later became dispersed through positive assortative mating in a small population whose bottleneck forms our most recent ancestral heritage

Through Jacobean Families who resonated with the bloodline and thus kept the Grail code by positive assortative mating and even some consanguineous mating (inbreeding). An example is possibly the De Vere family.

Today as an ever increasing awakening of resonances in a diversity of people descended from these ancestors. This is how this website has come into being.


The link between DNA, natural selection and morpho-genetic fields can now be seen as a bi-polar and interactive process.

The morpho-genetic field of an organism or an environment may represent an interplay between the etheric spiritual space whereby the evolving morphology of an organism may further work to modify the environmental conditions to its own liking. The change in environmental conditions then creates a feedback cycle that further modifies the DNA of all the other organisms within its sphere or web of interaction by natural selection.

The genetics of Humans no longer fall under this process of natural selection although previously the process of positive assortative mating was considered a Spiritual factor in the maintenance of a field of resonance or the morpho-genetic oversoul of a lineage. This was resonant with the morpho-genetic pattern laid down by an incarnate Spiritual being such as Jesus Christ. Inherent in this pattern was a 'Grail code' for a society based on mutual service and interaction in harmony with the evolving Planetary soul. In fact Humanity, when aware of its true place, represents the conscious mouthpiece of the Planetary soul.

Some final thoughts and conclusions:

1) To heal family 'karma' and to create a fit vessel for subsequent generations in our children.

2) To fulfil certain tasks by resonance with a spiritual bonding, so that the gift may by handed down i.e. children of famous actors, musicians etc themselves becoming famous.

3) There are certain family lines who are more likely to know how things should be; based on the achievements of "Spiritual" ancestors?

4) That we all must have a Spiritual ancestor somewhere along the line and also one who committed crimes. We all have in our essence therefore, the potential to awaken the spiritual side or else awaken "criminal" traits.

5) DNA is the essence and is passed on regardless of personality. Each personality however, leaves its mark on essence. The later generation picks this up as a trait.

6) Our personal 'karma' resonates with family karma to some extent and so like souls are drawn together and share the same essence or DNA.

7) There have been enough spiritual souls who have met and married throughout time to carry on a certain lineage that could be that of the Sangréal.

8) Such a lineage is certain to have degenerated from its originator i.e. Jesus and Mary Magdalene or King Solomon and Queen of Sheba or who-ever.

9) Perhaps the Sangréal is in a state of a continual restoration process.

10) This restoration would need fresh spiritual input from a "Christed" being and not from mere repetition or practice of religious codes etc.

11) For the first time in history, this input is being given to us all regardless of race or background. We are all potentially "Christs" of which the knowledge had been kept hidden from us. It may have previously been kept in a certain "Sangreal" family of original souls, some of which are of a previous "Devic" evolution.

12) There is potential for a new root race to appear based upon all of the above.

13) We share a great deal of our genetic code with the rest of life on the planet. We are therefore in the process of restoring the whole of nature.