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Public Behavior

While in India there are certain things that are acceptable public behavior. These behaviors are as follows:
Things To Do Things NOT To Do
To tip a taxi driver, simply round off the fare. Never try to talk to a woman who is walking alone.
The traditional Indian greeting is the "namaste." To perform the "namaste", hold the palms of your hands together [as if praying] below the chin, nod or bow slightly, and say "namaste" [nah-mas-tay]. This greeting is useful for foreigners in any circumsance in which a handshake might not be appropriate. Moreover, it's a sensible alternative to a handshake when a Western businesswoman greets an Indian man. Indians of all ethnic groups disapprove of public displays of affection between people of the opposite sex. Refrain from greeting people with hugs or kisses.
The comfortable standing distance between two people in India varies with the culture. In general, Hindu Indians tend to stand about 3 or 3 1/2 feet apart. To beckon someone, you hold your hand out, palm downward, and make a scooping motion with the fingers. Beckoning someone with the palm up and wagging one finger, as in the United States, will often be perceived as an insult.