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The Dryhi'dra

These are the remnants of Mirshann Drow Enclave that was decimated through inner conflict. Due to a miss-cast spell the survivors of the enclave were cursed to live out their lives caught between death and life. As if dead and yet alive. This took place during the first age of the Golden Realms, while the 1st Wars of Terror was being faught.

In their wanderings the Ancestral city of the dead named 'Oloth d'lil Drathir' which means Darkness of the Moon became their home. And they joined with the Nainyians of the north who accepted them for what they now were. Unwilling to return to Lloth and just as unwilling to give service to Elistraee. They however found themselves able to accept the Nainyian's way of life and beliefs. Joining the ranks of the Guardians of the Black Watch.

The Guardians fight a constant battle against the darklords of the north. A war that was started when they were forced underground to survive. Now thoughout what was Nainya, there are several great underground cities. The capital city where the High Guardian Council is located is named Shaylo. And it is well hidden deep beneath the surface. No outsider has ever set foot here. The second of the great cities is Tuchmore where the heroes of the black rose, from the first great war are buries. The sisters Katarnia and Mysterious, who gave up their lives to protect the Guardian secrets and serve the Shepherd King. Opening the rift gates to allow the Shepherd King and his Lightbearer Knights to come to the Nainyian's aid as was told in legend.

The Shepherd King is believed to be the son of the Creator whom the Guardian's serve. They will bow the knee to no other god or king. They are deeply religious in their beliefs but will not force their religion upon others. Each city has a great hall where the Guardians gather to fellowship. There is a strict code that they lieve by . And because of this crime is non-existant in the underground cities. None the less this does not make them lax in their way of life. The Guardians live peacefully but all children are well schooled, before entering the War Academy where they learn all arts of warfare. Since the Guardians are the sworn enemy of the north and have several Fortress, Keeps and Watchtowers all along the great north mountain range that need to be constantly manned. Every single Guardian has held a post sometime during their lifetime.

The Guardians are well known to many countries who border the north mountains. Not only do they keep the darklords of the north at bay. But they also act as Mobile Law Enforcers. The other countries calling them in to deal with their criminals since their reputation proceeds them, as does their justice system. The Guardians not only are sent to the several Fortress's, keeps and watchtowers that are scattered along the northern mountains. They are also sent to postings in different countries. They are acting Law Enforcers, but in these particular postings must first answer to the Monarch or ruler of the particular country they are stationed in.

Over the next five ages the Guardians have grown in their reputation. They are champions of justice and not only in the Golden Realms but also in the other lands are highly respected. They have come to the aid of any country that has come under attack of the darklords of the north. And have become known as the keepers of the riftgates which have been found to be scattered throughout this world. It is the Dryhi'dra who have the scientific knowledge to care for these gateways and they are the ones who are allowed to use them and keep them safe from falling into the wrong hands. Each rift gate that has so far been found, is now under Guardian protection.

The Dryhi'dra are now part of the Guardian way of life. And their Ancestral city 'Oloth d'lil Drathir' is also marked as a Guardian city and a Guardian secret. Once these Drow numbered at around 100, but now in the sixth age, they number 10 not counting the four elders who were among the first of the Dryhi'dra, and who witnessed the battle in the enclave that caused them to become what they are.
The Dryhi'dra never sleep. However they must return to Oloth d'lil Drathir or deadlands near where they are posted, to fall into a meditative state of rest, to recover their strength and energy.
Each Dryhi'dra is born with sigils that seem almost as if they are burned into their flesh. These sigils are part of the curse, and also connect them to the magic of the world they live in. Making them feel it more intensly then other races. But they suffer burning pain when ever they use magic even though they are highly skilled in this area. All Dryhi'dra are taught the skill of Necromancing, not to raise dead, but instead to be able to better dispatch the restless souls they will come across in their travels. They are forbidden to use this dark sorcery for ill use. If any Dryhi'dra are caught mis-using their skills, they will be punished under Guardian law. And the penalty for the mis-use of magic for ill-gotten gain is death.
The Dryhi'dra are able to enter the deadplains when ever they wish. They can use this advantage in battle, for spying and other use's. To walk among the living in the dead plains is an interesting way of finding out what other people think about you. Even this skill they must be cautious with it's use and not use it for wrongful purposes.
The Dryhi'dra have one other thing given to them via the curse, which is a long life. Longer than elves usually have. They are almost thought to be immortal, due to the fact that they never age. But they can easily die, either by the sword. But most Dryhi'dra have died due to the fact that they have lived for so long and have simply grown tired of life, the closeness of death and the fact that they watch so many of their friends die around them from old age.

The Elders, such as Elder Shannon are around 6,000 years old, having watched each age come by. The Elders keep the order of their sect organised. They are the ones who keep the Guardian Laws, so that none of the Dryhi'dra will become egotistical and believe themselves surperior to other races as the Drow are often known to think themselves. They also are the ones whom the High Guardian Council contact, for Dryhi'dra Guardian postings. Since the postings must be carefully considered due to the Dryhi'dra unique way of life and needs. Each of the Elders have a particular duty.
Elder Shannon is High Elder, he is the one the High Guardian Council speak to. He knows each and every Dryhi'dra and can tell which one will be suited for which posting. To him all who need wise council come.
Elder Mystic is teacher of Necromancy. She teaches all young Dryhi'dra it's many use's and also disciplines any who mis-use this skill in accordance to the Guardian Laws.
Elder Thore is teacher of the use of the Sigils. He instructs all Dryhi'dra in this way and use of magic. He is the one who disciplines any who mis-use these skills in accordance with Guardian Laws.
Elder Syril teaches the Guardian codes, way of life and laws. He runs the Dryhi'dra war academy before each class is sent to Tuchmore for their final year and final exam, to become Guardians.

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