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Afton O'Reilly

The Blood Angel of Margate Castle.

The coldness of the night air touched a white washed face. As steel gray eyes looked out over the darkness of the landscape. Snow was falling again, it's soft white flakes dancing softly upon the night air. It was cold, so very cold. And yet there she sat, upon the roof of her tower. This was her home, Margate Castle. This had always been her home, from the time she could remember, from her first memories. Why was it that when a child, the world seemed so very simple. There was no cruelty, no darkness, it was all white, light and full of dreams and heartfelt wishes. So different to the now, to what her life had brought her to. When all around her there was no white, light, no heart felt dreams. Just emptiness, a deep dark void that festered like a wound within her tiny frame.

Clad in a simple gown of black, a heavy cloak wrapped around her thin pale frame, hood drawn up to hide her features. Gloves covered small tiny hands. Hands that had spilt so much blood, it was hard to count the amount of lives she'd taken over the past few years. When she had lost count, that was when she had ceased feeling. She was numb, numb to everything around her. A silent lone figure living in a glass cage. A glass cage she had built around herself, to block out those around her. What was there to care for when none cared for her. Her thoughts drifted back, to her childhood, to when things had seemed simplier. And no one took much notice of her. Allowing her to thus bury herself in the castle library, lost in books of faraway places. That had been until she had been sent to Hogwart's, to follow in her brother's stead.

She never knew her parents, they were killed soon after her birth. Her raising was thus left to her Uncles and the rest of the O'Reilly family. Basically she was ignored. Her three brothers however were heavily involved in family matters, and following the tradition, were heavily ingrained in being Death Eaters. None the less, she entered the school, and found her nook in the library. She studied hard, always her head was buried in some book or other. Keeping to herself. She was not the healthiest of children. She often suffered from illness's that more than once had her put in the school infirmary. Unlike her brothers who went home for the holidays, she was not welcome to do so herself.

She was never a pretty child, quite plain, and painfully shy. And often having to endure the mocking of the older students. But Afton never once responded. She took it all in her stride, the illness's, the mocking and tormenting remarks of other house students. The contempt of her brothers. She was not perfect, she wasn't strong physically, but rather in the mind. She was quick to learn. She soaked up all that she read, all that she was taught in all the classes she attended, she took it all in like a sponge. She was eager for knowledge. And the Library was her lifesaver. There she could escape from the world, from her family, from other students and read to her little hearts content.

The years swiftly passed by, and much to her brothers changrin, when she graduated, her Uncles decided that she should join the Death Eater's ranks. Of course her brothers tried to desway them, but she was a O'Reilly. It was only right that Afton serve the Darklord as did the rest of her family. They figured that the worst thing that could happen was she get killed on a mission, or by an Auror. And so after leaving school, she became a Death Eater. A year into it, she had learned to kill with a particular precision that quite frankly scared her brothers. It seemed that their little sister, was a deadly little snake. Then the Uncles made the marriage arrangements. She was to marry a young man named Rothertin Darkmoor, a distant cousin. The marriage took place, but Afton proved to be quite difficult. Much to her husbands fury, she refused to consumate the marriage. She thought it a mockery. As a little girl she had dreamed of falling in love, and marrying for love. But this, this was not it. There was bitter fighting between the two. She kept him at bay for six months. Then one night, something happened that stunned the family.

Rothertin decided to beat her into submission. He had been threatening for quite some time. But til that particular night had not carried it through. This night he did however. But Afton was not to be turned into a ragdoll. She managed to get her hands on a knife. She didn't remember what happened next, other than she was dragged off her dead husband by her two brothers. And was later told she had stabbed him 127 times. It was decided that she was quite insane, and so she was returned to Margate Castle, and locked up within her tower for a time. Her Uncle's managed to evade justice by dumping Rothertin's body in a lake. And Afton spent a year in that tower, just glad to be home. That was when she stopped talking.

None the less, when the dust had settled over Rothertin's disappearance, Her Uncle's after a fair bit of disagreement, finally decided to let her return to serving the Dark lord again. And in doing so, she gained for herself the name of Blood Angel from those who saw her at work. Or who met her. There were moments, when she would give her victims the most beautiful angelic smile they had possibly ever seen. Before killing them. And often coming home covered in their blood. Her Uncle's were certain that she was quite insane and pshychotic. But she saw to her duties well. As an assassin, she was cold and precise. She didn't play around with her victims. Rather, she would study them, til she knew everything about them. Then strike when they least expected. Usually in the dead of night, when they slept. Their family waking the next morning to find either Father, Mother, son or daughter dead in their bed with their throat slit.

The gathering of information was another thing she was good at. Her particular method of forcing her victims to speak, was to slowly peel their skin from their muscles. Inch by inch, and when she had gotten all that she could gain, a quick slash to the throat would end the night's work. In Dark Revel's, when it came to proving one's loyalties. And dealing with the captives on such nights as that. She would simply choose a person, having them laid out. And then she would cut them from neck to lower belly open. And slowly remove all their internal organs while they yet lived. Last of all she would take their heart, and let them look upon it, until their eyes glazed over, their faces contorted with their final scream. Their blood always ended up nearly covering her from head to toe. After dealing with that, she would quietly take a bottle of the strongest drink, slip into the shadows and that would be that.

Afton quietly stared off into the darkness of the night. Ignoring how cold and stiff her body was becoming. There had come a point where she began to wonder what was the use of it all. The blood that was continually spilt, the screams of agony she had grown use to hearing. The pitiful cries for help, the whispered pleas for mercy. When would the cycle end? A gloved hand lifted to idly touch her left cheek, where a scar ran down from just below her eye curving it's way down to her chin. Even now she was not considered beautiful. Her brothers constantly told her how horrible she looked. And they would joke four years now from that terrible incident that Rothertin had only married her to strengthen family ties. But she didn't care. She had ceased caring when she had killed him. For that was when she realised, that to survive in this world, she had to take care of herself. She could not trust anyone. She could not allow anyone close to her. And so she lived in a gilded cage of her own creation. The Blood Angel of Margate Castle.