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The Black Dragon Disciples

World of Warcraft Guild

Realm: USEast    Server: Aman'Thul

 Who are we?

We are a World of Warcraft Alliance guild that is a tightly knit group of people who will not only defend our territories when needed, but will help our fellow brothers and sisters of the Alliance in whatever quests they may offer.  We are honorable, trustworthy, and loyal to all.  We do not deceive, for that is not what we stand for.

 What is our mission?

We are to help each other in quests, professions, and for fighting against the Horde.  We also provide a fun and pleasurable experience in the World of Warcraft.  If we are not having fun together, then we are doing something wrong, and will make it my personal mission as the leader of the Black Dragon Disciples to figure out what wrong and will remedy the situation.  Also, we look to uphold honor, loyalty, and trust for our brothers and sisters in the Alliance.  Doing any actions that would disprove your honor, loyalty, and trust with the guild or others (i.e. ninjalooting, constant insults, racist comments with the intention of hurt, sexist comments with the intention of hurt, etc.) will be looked down upon and you will face corrective action, which will be decided by the guild.

 Why should you join?

If you want a pleasurable experience in the World of Warcraft with people who you can trust, then this is the guild for you.  We offer companionship and help with whatever is needed.  If you are new to the World of Warcraft, we will work with you and help you have a fun experience.  Just because you are new does not mean we do not want you.  We welcome all potential members who are willing to uphold our mission.

 If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me or send an IM.  Iím on MSN Messenger, AIM, and Y! Messenger.  Iíll be looking forward to seeing you in the World of Warcraft!

 For the Alliance!

 Clancy Powell

Highlord of the Black Dragon Disciples

Email for MSN Messenger:

AIM screen name:  dragonofamn

Y! screen name:  amndragon