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Poems Welcome to my Poems page. If you are feeling down or suicidle then you shouldn't read these. They're not that bad but i've been told that im mentally unstable.

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Go down, Down, down, Far away, Never to come back, The line she cut.

Beaded threads, Thick, flow, Down, down, Past the heart, ďBrokenĒ she cried.

Blurry, slowing, Heartbeat missing, Blue, breath shortened, Cold cheek, cold lips, Gone, taken.

Taken herself, Far away, Never to come back, The line, she cut.


The olden dusty oak door creaked open,
Cobwebs, crawling insects scattering across the floor,
Little creatures scratching their way up her dwindling arm,
Greeted by the stench of a foul, moist flesh of a human corpse.

The door slammed shut tight,
Gurgling, groaning, the cries of a little boy from the next forsaken room,
Walk past the rotting flesh, the rolling eyes and the maggots chewing under the skin,
Creaking, the floorboards moan just like the little boy.

The boy, legs caught in a bear trap, grasping the floorboards to release himself,
Blood, bone, insects crawling yet again, rats and mice making homes of the stumps,
Opening his mouth, blood spluttering with no warning, flowing endlessly everywhere,
Dying, slowly, agony, he must be, nothing can help him; heís all alone.

Everything in the icy pain of the room, eating,
gorging on innocent people, No more of him, only the cover of a broken skeleton, swallowed from the inside,
More rats, more insects, dripping out the lifeless face where the eyes should be,
Bursting, exploding with the feeding creatures.
He has gone completely.

I feel sick, want to get out, I canít, want to run, I canít, try to look away, I canít,
Rooted to the spot, the dark creeping on me from behind, I know Iím next,
The draught grabbed me, stabbed me in the chest, everything living staring up at me,
Eating me alive, I scream, nothing comes out, no one can hear me, Iím dead.