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The Autumn Equinox Ceremony
Our ceremony is observed on September 23rd beginning at 8:00pm CDT
You can do the ceremony on that day or even the day after. Meditating and taking a ritual bath with some beautiful essential oils helps to clear the mind and energy before any ceremony.

Prepare your room beforehand by distributing the pillar candles around the room at equal distance from each other and light them.

Arrange your sacred table with the cloth and symbolic feast. You may place your herb bowl for the casting herbs on the table as well.

When all the participants arrive it is important to keep any conversation light and positive, especially before the ceremony.

I also like to smudge myself and the room before starting. You can incorporate any cleansing or blessing that you wish.


1 - Begin with East and make offering to the Spirit of the new day which is also a new life, new beginnings, the renewal of your spirit.

2 - Next make offering to the Spirit of the South which is the spirit of growth, expansion, greater awareness and the Goddess of fertility.

3 - Next make offering to the Spirit of the West which is the Spirit of abundance, wealth, the medicine people and healers as well as your own animal totem and spirit guides.

4 - Finally you offer to the Spirit of the North, Great Grandmother of the Winter of Life, the Spirit of things yet to come and the old passing away and being released.

5 - Now you can ask Grandfather, Great Spirit, God and Great Mother for your heartís desire for the moment or day or your deepest need, reverently and with deep gratitude.

At the end of your smudging ceremony give thanks to all the Angels, Master Teachers, Guides and Holy Medicine People as well as the Earth Spirits.


Gather all those celebrating around the bonfire in a circle. Each person will take a handful of smudging herbs and focus their intent on what they want to create, eliminate or have now in their lives. Then moving clockwise around the circle, casting first the herbs and the paper with the written intentions into the fire. Let Spirit carry the energy of your intentionality on the sparks and wind to be returned as a joyful manifestation.

Finish the ceremony with prayers of gratitude for the harvest and all that is yet to come

The fire will burn until it extinguishes or if that is not possible, put out the fire when all the celebrants are ready to leave.

Feasting with wonderful fresh fruits and homemade dishes is a great way to welcome the Harvest Energy and the Autumn Equinox.

So Mote it Be!

Many Blessings

animated heart

Light, Love and Beauty.