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..:riku's sea of forgotten memory's:..

You see an odd shape move out of the ocean waves. her deep blue eyes look at you in the eye.
a sea-dragon like tail swishes and her aqua blue pelt blows in the wind
she moves close to a old cave in a cove.
welcome visitor' the gelert said, eyes still locked on you.
she looks back and says "a storm is brewing come in".
you look back at her and begin to walk with her. Inside he cave are pictures of sea dragons and others like her 'I am called riku_returned yet I go by riku or kagome" she says looking a a cave painting of a sea-dragon. you look back at her and say nothing."your name is does you well looking at your face"she said as her smile broke.You look puzzled at her answer "how can she know my name" you think "well visitor lets just say I have my ways". You studder at yet another of her answers but go along with her idea 'you have a past visitor I can tell".you look strangly at the dragon but smile back "lucky" she says walking away "you can look at my things if you want"she said as she walked out of the cave into the ocean and dissipered.

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+| riku's stats wall painting|+

Name |riku_returned
Nickname |riku or kagome
owner | aya
Gender |Female
Race |sea-dragon gelert
Love |none yet
Level |5
Speed |super speedy
Strength |strong
HP |10/10
Intelligence |average
Defence |very heavy


+| Past wall painting |+
riku returns into the cave and looks at you with a questionable face "your still here visitor" you look puzzled and head for the door "no no, your quite welcome here. And even if you wanted to go you would never make it the storm is to heavy. So sit and I will tell you my story.
riku looks at a wall painting and points to a figure of many gelerts like her. "those where my people" she wispered softly. she swiftly moves her eyes to the next pannel of a mother raped around her egg, sleeping among the stars. Riku puts her paw on the painting and sighs this is my story now.
from the moment I hatched I looked around at the cold black darkness of the ocean around me. I became numb from the water around me, and I emerged from the water. the sky was black and ran pelted me from all sides. I yelled for my mother to help me, but she never came, making me dive under to my death like all other abandon pups. But before I dove down I saw a aqua blue pelt blowing in the heavy wind. I pattled over risking my life with every stroke. I was well out of breath when I got to the gelert. I wimpered at the gelert to get up then I knew who this was, my mother. I quickly backed away and dove into the water sinking with every stroke untill I gave up and let the waves carry me down and I knew this was it. I was taking my last look around and saw a sparkling light around me I looked up to see a ring of light from the heavens carrying me from death. And I knew no more....
The next thing I knew I was by the Golden Dubloon looking up at a girl and her three neopets. The zafara who is named miatosi helped me up and showed me to AE_eagle49 or as she is liked to be called aya. Aya told her lupe wolfdashX to give me a ride back to her one bedroom house.
"hello little one" aya said kissing me on the head "do you have a name?" "r..riku" I sturmered "what a perfect name, it sounds like a name from the gods" aya giggled "how about we call you Kagome, deal" "deal" is said sitting up "but riku, I want to know how a yellow gelert like you got over by the Golden Dubloon?" "yellow!?!" I yelled "yes your yellow riku" aya said puzzled "the water, the ring of light! thats what made my like this!" "the what?" aya asked. So I told her about my mother and the ring of light "the light was my mother....she wanted me to live with a normal life with a family" "well you have one now" aya said smiling "you do now"