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Sub Specie æternitas.


December 28, 2004


Mood: Fuzzy

Music: Hellsing: RAID, “Requiem for the Living”




Well well well, seems like everything is piecing back together nicely! Yay! Heh, I finally got DDR Extreme today, perfect for my new metal DDR pad that I got for Atheist Children Exchange Gifts Day (a.k.a. Christmas)!!


…. Ennnh…. Wow, this sucks, I did nothing but that today. O_o;;  I feel so cheap and sleezy writing so little, but theres really nothing else interesting that happened.  I wanna talk to Wolfie, she’s cooler than all of you. >_<





Sub Specie æternitas.

ªFrom the Perspective of Eternity.ª

Version 1.1.2








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