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Well hello Everyone, this is the derranged and sometimes funny typist of Alduran in Golgotha...>_>.

Ever wondered what type of person I am? Well lets find out shall we?

The usual info

Age: 20 actually soon to be 21.
hieght: ehh im 5'10 so Im some what tall
weight: about 135 Im a skinny bastard lol
eye color: Hazel, it likes to change
Hair color: naturally a dark brown but I always dye it red. >_>
Job: I work in the firey pits of hell! Well people call it Burger King, I do basicly everthing but paper work..would you like an Apple pie with dat?


Hmm hobbies? I have many. I am a D&D freak (Dungeons and Dragons for those who don't know.) I also play Magic: The gathering wich is a great card game and yes I will admit I play Yu-Gi-Oh!. I am also a avid sword collector, mostly oriental weapons like Katanas, Washabis, Tantos, and ninja swords I also collect decrotive daggers. I am also a avid anime fan, gotta love those animes. I am what some would call a Vidiot...A person who has too much time on his hands and uses it to play video games. Oh yes lets not forget online Role Playing! ^_^

Personality..What He has one!?

Most think of me as a calm and quiet person but if you get me with my circle of friends Im a Weird derranged individual who loves to try and make people laugh. I am one of those people who try and hold in their aggression until just the right moment but I have been known to damage a rather large amount of street signs in fustration. Back when I was in High School I always slept...never found school thrillings and usually got into fights if someone pushed me enough. Most of the people there thought I would pull a Columbine shooting and even said I called in a bomb threat...that was the worst 2 hours of my life as of so far...>_>.

Likes and dislikes....Ehh I hate you..

Hmm things I like...Well first off HEAVY METAL! I love heavy Metal music, helps me vent my fustration,classic goth music ya know the type you usually hear in a vampire movie the old ones anyways...It calms me and helps me sleep...o_O Pizza....mmmmm *drools* Things I dislike? Hmmm big list folks! Coffee
plain stupidity
Rap Music
Country music
Soap opras....>_>
Harry Pothead..I mean...potter...oops?

A hidious pic of myself!

Ha made ya picture up as of yet, gotta find a good one..