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Character NameAlduran
RaceDrow aka Dark Elf
Hair ColorSilky white down to the center of his back braided as moves elves are.
Eye ColorRed
Weight140, slender with a firm build
AttireWearing mostly the garb of a ranger occasionally he breaks out his war armor made of a Onyx full plate made by his close friend Dark Weasel.
WeaponsIcy- A enchanted Scimatar wich has a errie ice blue flame entwined around it's smooth blade. Sun Fire- The 2nd of his enchanted scimitars this one entwined with a firey aura.
HistoryAlduran grew up in his mountain home where most of the dark eldar prosper but once he came into adult hood he began thinking about life it's self. He figured in order to understand life he must first understand death, with this he soon delved into the secrets of necromancy wich soon had him banished from his homeland.Now a full skilled Necromancer and potion maker Alduran travels from town to town meeting new people and faceing new threats, He is kind to most and usually never charges for his potions unless he deems the person not fit or he really needs the money. Haveing been in Golgotha now for a few years Alduran has settled down with a beautiful woman from the plains of Golente named Awynle and has a son and a daughter on the way.