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Dark Eldar

Night Vision- This allows him to see well over 120 feet in the darkness perfectly.

Agile- Being a Elf makes him quick on his feet but being of the dark eldar his agility has become much higher.

Poison and cold resistance- Through training and magic a necromancer becomes immune to the cold and all forms of poison includeing gases ans drugs. (Note- This is the only remaining power he has from being a necromancer because it was given during training and will never disappear.)

Darkness- Another natural spell of the dark eldar wich allows the caster to make a room become pure darkness 50 feet around him.

Marksman- The Dark Eldar are very keen when shooting a long bow, although they prefer close combat more than hideing to kill someone.
Potion creationsThough the years Alduran has learned many diffrent potions they are listed as follows..

Great healing Potion

Mandrake gas

Love Potion

Eternal Youth

Eternal Life

Demon Control

Cure disease

Paralyze potion

Demon Confinment

Potion of speech

Streangth potion