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   The name of our company is I-Cute Soccer Outlet Sdn Bhd. The main company was establish on 5th July 1995 at Pertama Complex, Kuala Lumpur. We are selling 4 brand product of sports which are:

1)    Nike   

2)    Adidas   

3)   Umbro   

4)    Puma   

    We are selling soccer outlet like boots, jersey, shin pads, gloves, training suit, stockings and others. We also appear the player model brand's posters and also selling the football video. To look the other branches, click at Outlet at left side page.




Mr. Muhammad Rashdan bin Kamaruddin

Managing Director

Mr. Abd Hadi bin Mustaffa

Marketing Director

Mr. Zainal Abidin bin Rawop

Human Resource Manager

Mr. Ahmad Saiful Anuar bin Abu

Financing Director

Mr. Nazri bin Nordin

Branches Manager

Mr. Kamaruddin Mape

Mr. Tumpang Sabtu

Mr. Hasbullah Awang

Mr. Shebby Singh

Mr. Seelan Paul