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Why this website



It is known to almost all Tibetans young and old about Andrug Gonpo Tashi's selfless sacrifice and dedication to Tibet. From the day he decided to resist the Chinese occupation, he had put aside all other responsibilities, be it for his family or anything else. His sole aim now was to protect Tibet's Independence and the Rights of the Tibetan people. However, due to outdated and scarcity of war-equipment, manpower and indifference from his government (due to pressure from the Chinese government), his and the aims of the Chushi Gangrug did not see the desired result. Saddened, he was forced to come into exile at the request of his guerilla compatriotsand above all by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Nevertheless, His sacrifice and struggle did not go in vain. Through generations and even to these days, the mere mention of his name kindles the spark of Nationalism and Patriotism in every Tibetan young and old.

Just letting you know quickly why I decided to create this website. Unfortunately, after the first edition of this book, "Four Rivers Six Ranges" (the edition of the book was limited) the book was never published again. The original text was in Tibetan and my (late) uncle Andrug Tamdin Tsepel took a great trouble in translating the biography of Andrug Gonpo Tashi into English. It was his untiring efforts which saw the birth of this book.

I deem it my responsibility to reach out to interested readers who might want to know about this great man, Dzasak Lithangpa Andrug Gonpo Tashi. I see it as unfortunate for those who want to know about this struggle by the Chushi Gangdrug and yet are not able to get hold of the book. Therefore, I am priviledged to put the book, "Four Rivers Six Ranges" (Chushi Gangdrug) on the website.Through this website, I aim to reach out to maximum readers and with the hope that they will come to know the facts, and as they read on, involve themselves in the initial struggle by a group of ill-equiped yet courageous men who called themselves the Volunteer Fighting Force or the Chushi Gandrug. They fought against all odds to protect the Independence and Sovereignity of Tibet against the mighty Communist Chinese occupation .

Tenzin Wangden Andrugtsang
October 10, 2003