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(In Tibetan and English)

Foreword in Tibetan Foreword in English
Note:-The foreword (above in Tibetan and in English are originals (scanned) to preserve its originality

"Since the English version is not clear I am taking the liberty of writing the same down for the readers convenience."
(Tenzin Wangden Andrugtsang)

" The Andrugtsang family for several generations has been acknowledged for its immense reverence and deep devotion to the Dharma. Every Tibetan knows the almost legendary story of how the late Gonpo Tashi sacrificed his wealth and life for the Dharma and the national freedom of Tibet.

Despite the insuperable and awesome odds that China posed, Gonpo Tashi was undaunted; with inflexible determination and conviction, he struggled for aims that he felt were noble and just until his unfortunate, premature death. The publication of his memoirs is thus an event I welcome very much.

I pray that the forces of his meritorious deeds - his noble act of sincerely and preservingly struggling for the Dharma, the nation and the people of Tibet allow him to reach the highest level of attainment. "

May 25, 1973