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Sword Techniques

You may fuse a sword together by buying a fusion handle it allows you to fuse two swords together (example fuse rune blade with katana rune does 100 dmg katana deals 200 dmg if you fuse them you get the katune blade and it adds the dmg together making it do 300 dmg) Also the limit of holding a sword is 2 if you have a fused sword it counts as one.

Every time your pl increases by 10.000 your sword power increases by 100 (example - if your pl is 10.000 then increases to 20.000 and you have a katana that deals 100 dmg your sword will then deal 200 dmg)

Fusion handle: Allows you to fuse two swords together. Cost: 10.000

Thunder blade: Paralizes an opponate for 20 hits. Cost: 3.000

Lighting swift: Paralizes an opponate for 10 seconds. Cost: 2.000

Shock blade: Paralizes your opponate from useing any techniques. Cost 2.500

infernal blade: Deals 200 fire damage burns throgh anything. Cost: 8.000

Dark blade: Causes your opponate to be blinded for 30 hits. Cost: 3.000

Sword of the darkness flame: Tears through anything deals 7.000 hp dmg Cost: 60.000

Angel Blade: Deals 2.000 to bad people only. Cost: 50.000

Angel katana: Deals 3.000 dmg to bad and 200 to good people. Cost 30.000

Z Sword: Can only be used by saiyans deals 200 dmg and raises your pl by 2.000 for weight. Cost: 10.000

Katana: Deals 300 dmg. Cost: 10.000

Rune Blade: Deals 100 dmg. Cost: 1.000

Shimmering Blade: Deals 300 dmg. Cost: 6.000

Buster Sword: Deals 5.000 dmg gives you a pl boost of 3.000 for weight. Cost: 20.000

Sephiroths Long Sword: Deals 7.000 dmg. Cost: 40.000

Death Blade: Deals dmg equal to your opponants HP (basically it kills them in one hit) Cost: 400.000

Life Sword: Fully revives your hp when you die Cost: 70.000

Cure Blade: Cures you hp by 700 for each attack you use with this sword. Cost 50.000

Chaos Blade: Deals 1.000.000 dmg (fits the name) Cost: 250.000

Maken Valborg: absorbs the amount energy u choose from yourself and uses it as damage (example a take 1,000 hp from myself and attack the enemy with it)-can only be obtained by earning wings of valmar