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Vegeta Training

Here you get to train with vegeta and learn someof his most powerfull attacks and he gives you a ok pl hp/ki boost and he trains you to learn his attacks and it costs you no pl to learn a move. (moves listed below) You need to be strong to train with vegeta he doesnt train weakling so your pl must be 30.000 or stronger (+10.000 pl 100 hp/ki 30 defence 2 ap and 20 mpevery day)

Big Bang Attack - Takes 17 days to learn no pl needed Deals 17.000 hp dmg - this attack makes a 10.000 thousand foot crator and can blow up one planet if used with aggresive force. (cannot be dodged inless ssj2)

Final Flash - Takes 15 days as well need no pl deals 15.000 hp dmg - this attack is a the size of 2 miles and (cannot be dodged inless ssj1)

Blemish - takes 13 days to learn need no pl deals 20.000 hp dmg - this is a very devistating attack and can obliderate the opponate

Mteor Flash - Takes 4 days to lears need no pl deals Unkown hp dmg - tis attack constantly kicks the opponate and punches him does a max of 10 kicks and 10 punches. (look at the punch kick dmg page does dmg equal to your pl 20 hits so if you pl is 10.000 itll do 4.000 hp dmg)

gallet gun - takes 3 days to learn need no pl and deals 500 dmg - this is basicaly an attack that is used when you need it the most.

Thats the ending of vegeta training