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Namek D-balls


Fighters cloths increases your pl by 2,000 every day cost 5.000$

apple: increases your hp/ki by 100 ans leaves two seed if you get 10 seeds you can grow a treee that holds 20 apples (takes 2 weeks to grow) Cost: 100$

blue potion: heals your hp all the way up during battle Cost: 10.000

Red potion: heals you ki all the way up Cose 5.000$

Purple potion: Raises both your hp and ki all the way up Cost: 20.000$

fighters pants: increaes pl by 2.000 cost: 2.000$

nemakian space ship allows you to travel to a differnt planet in two days Cost: 15.000

Parts to make dball radar takes 2 days to make one. this radar is the same from earth Cost for parts 5.000

More items to come: