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Bulmas Item shop:

sensu bean: fully heals all your hp ki - cost: 500$

complete bag of sensu beans: contains 30 sb - cost: 1.500

Apples: Raises your hp/ki by 50 Cost: 500$

Dragon radar: helps you find the dballs instead of every two days you get one dball every day you get one dball cost: 10.000

weights: gives you a 1,000 pl boost a day - cost: 5.000

super weights: gives you a 5.000 pl boost every day - cost: 10.000

henchmen: plant a seed into the ground and grows you 7 little henchmen with a pl of 5.000 ki 500 hp 500

armor: increases your defence by 20 (only used in battle) - cost: 5.000

Super armor: increases your defence by 35 (only used in battle) - cost: 10.000

time capsule: allows you to do any kind of training,increases your pl x2 and gives you a 100 hp/ki boost every three day then you must rest for two days. cost: 50.000

delux space ship: you need this space ship in order to use g-training (gravitational) - Cost: 15.000

blue pill: (only saiyans can use) Once a saiyan uses this pill they get two learn 2 techniques at once without learning it. - cost 50.000

Blitz Ball: can only be used in blitz attack -cost 20.00

Earth Dragonballz