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Operation of jegon eye When you get the jegon eye not only do you get a pl boost but you get a attack called Dragon of the darkness flame it deals 2.000 hp dmg this eye also increases you pl by 100.000 and you must have a pl of 150.000 if you buy a sword you get sword of the darkness flame.

Super demon

Must have jegon eye

Increases pl by 250.000 you have from 10% to100% you get to choose what % of power you want (ill list them below)

10% 10.000 pl increase

20% 15.000 pl increase

30% 25.000 pl increase

40% 35.000 pl increase

50% 50.000 pl increase

60% 90.000 pl increase

70% 100.000 pl increase

80% 150.000 pl increase

90% 200.000 pl increase

100% 250.000 pl increase

Ultra demon (must have jegon eye)


Parts of Valmar

Wing of Valmar: obtained by having 20,000 pl defense + ap increased by 20 automaticlly gain a sword called Maken Valborg