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Magic Powers

Magic, These are magic powers from final fantsy 10,in order to use these magic power you need ap (ability points) ill have it listed below.

Strong Against Water deals 100 extra damage

Blizzard: Need 5 ap to get blizzard and 15 ap to get blizzra. Takes up 20 mp and Deals 50 dmg

Blizzara: Need 10 ap to get blizzara and need 25 ap to get blizziga. Takes up 40 mp and deals 300 dmg. Need blizzard to get blizzara.

Blizziga:need 15 ap to get blizziga takes up 50 mp and deals 500 dmg need all blizzard element attacks to get . .

Strong Against Fire deals 100 extra damage

Water: Need 5 ap to get Water.Takes up 10 mp and deals hp 50 dmg.

Watera: need 10 ap Takes up 80 mp and deals 270 hp dmg.

Waterga: Need 15 ap Takes up 50 mp and deals 340 hp dmg.

Strong Against ice deals 300 extra damage

fire: need 5 ap to get fire.Takes up 50 mp and deals 400 hp dmg

fira: Need 10 ap firea.Takes up 30 mp and deals 450 dmg.

Firega: Need 105 ap to get firega.Takes up 250 mp and deals 500 hp dmg.

Thunder: need 5 ap to get thunder.Takes up mp and deals 60 dmg.

Thundera: Need 125 ap to get thundera. and 135 to get thunderga. Takes up 350 mp and deals 700 dmg

Thunderga: Need 135 to get Thunderga. Takes up 450 mp and deals 850 dmg.

Mug allows you to take 1000 money away from your opponante every time you use it takes 5 days to learn need 100 mp

Steal: Allows you to steal a technique abilty item weighted clothing of your choice need 300 mp takes 15 days to learn. Flare: turns feild into flame doing 900 damage if u are a fire element increases your damage by 50 no ap needed 200 mp needed

Demi:stops match for 3 minutes if gone longer deals 1,000 more damage each minute gone

Demi 2:deals 1,000 damage to opponate 500 damage to self 50 ap 700 mp

. Dark Meteor:: 500 dammge to dark fire water earth thunder and non element 700 dmg to light 60 ap 700 mp