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Final Fantasy Techniques

Omni Slash: A very powerfull attack that cuts your opponante in half deals 10.000 dmg - Takes 2 weeks to learn - need 30 ap and 300 mp Shadow Flare: Is similer to omni slash but used in a differnt way deals 700 dmg - takes 9 days to learn - need 50 ap and 400 mp.

Climhazzard: This attack stabs your opponate in the chest then jumps in the air cutting them in half deals 500 dmg - takes 7 days to learn - need 70 ap and 1.000 mp

Bubble Beam: This attack fires a huge beam and at contact releases 20 bubbles that alone deals 200 dmg you may choose who the bbbles attack either the same person or differnt people beam deals 600 dmg - takes 2 weeks to learn - need 100 ap and 2.000 mp

Cross Slash: this attack slices the enemy 4 times in a row deals 300 dmg - takes 4 days to learn - ap 0 and 100 mp

Shooting star: this deals 400 dmg and you must have the katune to use this attack (fused sword of katana and rune blade) - takes 4 days to learn - need no ap and 150 mp.

Sled Fang: no data

Healing Wind: This attack is very dangerouse it heals you hp all the way up and turns you invincible for 30 seconds (must have a witness to use) - need 50 ap and 100 mp.

Beat Rush: Allows you to rapidly punch down an enemy deals 20 hits total (check kick punch dmmg page to see how much it does) Takes 3 days to learn and need no ap no mp.

Energy Rain: Deals dmg equal to your hp takes 7 days to learn - need no ap and 300 mp

Slice and Dice: (must have a sword) hits an opponate 5 times (Example: if your sword deals 100 dmg and you use this attack itll deal 500 dmg) takes 7 days to learn.

Blitz Ace:slice opponate 12 time doing 12,000 damage and Backflips and kicks blitz ball Note:must have blitz ball to peform deals ball deals 5,000 damage 2 weeks to learn -no ap needed no mp needed