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HP: 10.800

KI: 10.800

MP: 380

AP: 13

PL: 130.000

Defence: 100

Email/aol sn:Maximum X Zero

Abilities: none

Techniques: Ki blast,Cross Slash,Burning Attack

Transformations: wing of Valmar(plus 20 ap and defence

Training under:Trunks (5.000 100 hp/ki 1 ap 20 mp 10 defence)

Money: 32.500

Job:Fighter For Higher (6.000 every 4 days) 0/4

Item:complete bag of sensu beans (holds 30)Blitz ball

Wearing: super Weights Raises pl by 5.000 every day

Weapon:Inferno Blade Deals 600 dmg Maken Valborg(life absorb attacks),fusion handle,Buster Sword 5.000 dmg pl boost of 3.000 for weight=Buster Valborg 5.000+life?

Weapon Technique: Fire shot deals 200,dmg Burn Out 700dmg

Race:Maverick Hunter