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Beginners Read-Me Guide v1.0

Created by: 0wn4g3 (kookoo). Before posting ANY portion of this Read-Me that was made by the owner you must ASK!

The portal is Copyright Zero of Games Unlimited, 2001-2003.
All Rights Reserved

(Guide is not yet completed, Screenshots still have to be added and more proof reads)


First lets start off with some notices. This guide was made for the people who are having trouble understanding the Official Read-Me guide. If you have downloaded the portal and know how to install it do NOT come to this page! This page will not contain updates to the portal or info about the portal. For info on that, read the files that were downloaded in the portal. As this guide is for beginners I will not be putting up any advanced codes that you CAN use. 


----What you will need:

-Portal v2.0 RC 1

-A FTP client (I recommend FlashFXP as I will be using that as my demonstration)

-A web-host that supports php (Lycos will do)

-A basic knowledge of HTML



Okay to make this as easy as possible I am going to take everything step by step so read carefully!

Once you have downloaded the portal unzip the file to a common directory (desktop should be fine). Then register at a web-host that supports PHP and has FTP access. I recommend Lycos. Once you have registered your account and have chosen your FTP Username and Password, go download Once you have done that open up the program. Now go to the top right section of the program and click on the "connect button" (It looks like a lightning bolt.). Now go to "quick connect" and enter in your FTP Server URL, Username, and password. Once you have connected locate the "Upload" folder and open it on the left side of the program. Now transfer all the files and folders by: Holding down "Ctrl" and select all the files inside "Upload". Once you have selected them all transfer them all to the other side by right clicking on all the selected files and hitting "Transfer". When it is done uploading all the files, right click on config.php and CHMOD it to "666". Once you have done that do the same thing to text/iplog and text/banned. Make sure you've done that correctly! 

The hard stuff is now done! Now it's time for the easy part. Go to and read what it tells you to do and do it! Everything there should be self explanatory. Once you get to the part about deleting certain folders just go back to your FTP client and delete the uploaded files that it told you to delete. If you have done all that correctly then your portal should be ready to go!


---Editing your Portal:

To edit your portal all you have to do it go back to your FTP program and click "edit" or "view" on the file "portal.php" and edit around only the specified text. Now you are probably wondering. "Well how do I add more tables?". This is very quite simple. See where it says "Start portal right" "Start Portal Left"? You can add more tables in each of those sides by just copying and pasting this text BELOW it:

<table cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0' border='0' width='100%' bgcolor='#345487' align='center'>
<table cellpadding='4' cellspacing='1' border='0' width='100%'>
<td colspan='2' class='maintitle'><b>Change Me! (Edit this part to your liking)</b></td>
<td class='row4' colspan='2'>
Change me! (Edit this part to your liking)

Once you have pasted that all you have to do is edit around the parts that say "Change me!". But be warned that to give your portal more "class" it is required that you at least know the basic codes to use. Once you have edited everything to your liking save your file and quit. It will then ask you "Would you like to Upload this file or Cancel?". Select "Upload" so that the changes you made are confirmed. 


---Adding News to your portal:

Adding news is very similar to adding a table but even easier! To add/edit your news go to the file "Sources" and select it. Then click on the file "news.php" and click edit or view. Now to add your news do the following:

<table cellpadding='4' cellspacing='1' border='0' width='100%' bgcolor='#345487'>
<td class='maintitle'>
Test News (Edit this part to your liking)
<td class='titlemedium'>
Posted by Zero on 06/22/03 @ 4:12 AM (Edit this part to your liking)
<td class='row4'>
This is a piece of test news. (Edit this part to your liking)

Once you have edited everything to your liking save your file and quit. It will then ask you "Would you like to Upload this file or Cancel?". Select "Upload" so that the changes you made are confirmed.


---Editing the Cascading Style Sheets:

Editing the CSS is very simple. To edit it go to: 'css.php" located in sources. Once you have your CSS text just delete the current one and insert your new one. Then cancel and confirm your upload.


---Viewing your Portal:

To view your portal all you have to do is enter in your URL name that you used when registering at your host into the URL bar of your web browser. 


There! Everything is done. See how easy that was? All it takes is a little patience. If this Read-Me still doesn't answer a certain question you have or you still do not understand it please post your problems at .



---Useful codes:

As this page is for beginners I am going to write up some basic codes to use on your text:

To bold your text put the following tags on: <b>Insert Text Here</b>

To underline your text put the following tags on: <u>Insert Text Here</u>

To use italics on your text put the following tags on: <i>Insert text here</i>

To create a link on your text put the following tags on: <a href="">InsertTextHere</a>

To create spaces use the following code: <br>Insert text</br>



Copyright Info:

The ONLY thing that you have to have in your Portals now, is the version ID! (That little line that says 'Games Unlimited HTML Portal v, etc...)
This is for ALL Portal versions. The copyright that we need, is contained on THIS page!
So, as long as you leave the version ID, you DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT ANY OTHER CHANGES THAT YOU MAKE!!

This code was created, and setup by Zero of Games Unlimited. If you use ANY section of this code,
you MUST include the version ID at the bottom of the Portal. Those who do not include the version ID,
will be prosecuted to the full extent of copyright law. Games Unlimited and the GU HTML Portal are in no way apart of Invision Power Board, Invision Power Services, or InvisionFree.
This service was created and kept up by a seperate group trying to make your IF experience better, and their rights should be respected, as they did not have to use their time, for this.
This was created in Php with hints of HTML & JavaScript for enhancements, including the news setup.
The look was based on that of the original IBF Portal, yet no code was copied, but the look was used as a base.
IPB Cascading Style Sheets were used in the coloring of this portal, so you can move your CSS from your forum to the portal to set the colors.

Zero of Games Unlimited, 2003.
All rights reserved.

Invision Power Board, and the IPB Logo are copyright Invision Power Services, 2001-2003.


"Even if you don't put that little on your work, you automatically get a copyright the instant your work of expression becomes fixed in a tangible medium.
Theoretically, this means that you own the copyright, and no one may copy, distribute, display or make adaptations of the work without your permission.

~Trademarks and Copyrights - Leagal Encyclopedia