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This features "Come out and play" by Offspring. it's all 100% Goku and Vegeta fighting nobody else.


5.6 megs


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Re-done version of my first music video(dragula in the retired vids), there was a day when I called this my best video.


5.3 megs


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Fixed up version of an older video using the song "Impression that I Get" by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

5.51 megs


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 An interesting video but no real point to it, a lot of people seem to like it though, so im keeping it up. Features scenes of many different characters


4.25 megs


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 I call this one "Vegetas Pride" it uses the song called "Adams Song" by incredible song. This vid is based entirely around Vegeta!


4.42 megs


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Features "Long Way Down" by the Goo Goo Dolls. It focuses on how defenseless the nameks were against Freeza, but still stood their ground.

3.57 megs


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This one features "It's the End Of the World as we know it" by R.E.M. I put alot of time into this one so I hope you like it. Although most likely only a certain portion of you will.


4.23 megs


Download  Download

I put alot of work into this one. It uses clips of Brolly from movies 8 and 10. I call it "Rage Game" and has the song "The Game" by Motorhead. Those of you who watch WWF will know the song very well.


4.54 megs


Download  Download

 Simply...."En Fuego"  This was the ultimate time consuming video. It took me over a month to make because of the large variety of editing required. This is not any normal music video.


6.85 megs


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  Im calling it "My Resolution" the reason behind it and what the video is about is easily understood once it is seen so download it. Read the special info file that it comes with.


12 megs


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What really is the most important thing to Vegeta, his selfish desire to defeat Goku and satisfy his pride, or his newfound devotion to his loved ones? This video implements the song "My Sacrifice" by Creed.


10.5 megs


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 Can't tell what they're saying? Go to the Lyrics Section

 Special thanks goes to SinisterSaiyan.Com for being a download mirror!


If you are having problems with downloads getting disconnected, I recommend getting a program called Getright which you can get at, this will allow you to resume a download even if my server disconnects you.