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Capsule Name::Effects::Usage Requirements::Price::
KamehamehaPL - (50 * EXP-LV)EXP: KI:  
Super KamehamehaPL - (100 * EXP-LV)EXP: KI:  
Continuous KamehamehaPL - (50 * KI MAX)EXP: KI:  
Warp KamehamehaPL - 200EXP: KI:  
Father-Son KamehamehaPL - 300EXP: KI:  
Spirit BombPL - 600EXP: KI:  
Super Spirit BombPL - 1000EXP: KI:  
Nose Dive CrashPL - 150EXP: KI:  
Galick GunPL - 250EXP: KI:  
Big Bang attackPL - 450EXP: KI:  
Dynamite MondayPL - 130EXP: KI:  
Double SundayPL - 180EXP: KI:  
Saturday crushPL - 220EXP: KI:  
BreakstormPL - 240EXP: KI:  
Break cannonPL - 200EXP: KI:  
special beam cannonPL - 180EXP: KI:  
destructive wavePL - 200EXP: KI:  
light grenadeBlinds opponent(s) for 2 turnsEXP: KI:  
instant killquickPL - 140EXP: KI:  
Fierce Rarma EXP: KI:  
Death Beam EXP: KI:  
Death Ball EXP: KI:  
Killer Ball EXP: KI:  
Frieza Nightmare EXP: KI:  
meteor crash EXP: KI:  
Innocent Blast EXP: KI:  
volleyball fist EXP: KI:  
Spirit Ball Attack EXP: KI:  
A present for you EXP: KI:  
Double Buster EXP: KI:  
Masenko EXP: KI:  
milky cannon EXP: KI:  
parmesan shower EXP: KI:  
processed power crush EXP: KI:  
Ginyu special EXP: KI:  
Ginyu strike EXP: KI:  
Eraser gun EXP: KI:  
Buster magnum EXP: KI:  
Max vulcan EXP: KI:  
Recoome Bomber EXP: KI:  
shock wave EXP: KI:  
ultimate attack EXP: KI:  
negative power rain EXP: KI:  
Photon Wave EXP: KI:  
Zanku fist KI + EXP:  
Dragon fist  EXP:  
Super Dragon fist  EXP:  
Dragon ThrowPL - 20 EXP:  
Demon Round house  EXP:  
Innocent Punch  EXP:  
jackhammer  EXP:  
Wolf Fang Fist  EXP:  
nobel throw  EXP:  
lasso  EXP:  
Rocket Punch  EXP:  
Power Break  EXP:  


Capsule Name::Effects::Usage Requirements::Price::

body change

Ki Blast Absorbtition

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Support Items::

ALLnew style armor activated at beginning of battle
ALLgeneral vest activated at beginning of battle
ALLnormal evil tribe uniform activated at beginning of battle
ALLSturdy Fiber JacketDefense up activated at beginning of battle
ALL Saiyan'sSaiyan HeritageATK and DEF upactivated after using senzu bean
ALLPotentialATK increases for a fixed amount of timeactivated at beginning of battle
ALLSturdy VestDEF upactivated at beginning of battle
ALL1/3 senzu bean activated when you have no PL left
ALLsenzu bean activated when you have no PL left
ALLviral heart disease activated at beginning of battle
ALLmixed blood power  
Gokusuper kami wateratk up, hp slowly decreasesactivated at beginning of battle
ALLsuper holy waterdam. % is reducedactivated when damaged
ALLvaccinenulify the effect of viral heart diseaseactivated at beginning of battle