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The year is 1607 and a ship is leaving England to carry a group of settlers to the 'New World'. Included on board are Ben, Lom and Thomas, and led by the courageous Captain John Smith, well known for fighting savages and alongside them is the greedy Governor Ratcliff and his assistant Wiggins, plus his dog Percy. Ratcliff is sailing to the New World to look for gold, his last chance for glory. On leaving England, the ship sails into a storm and young Thomas is thrown overboard but rescued by John Smith. The Governor encourages the men but behind their back he despises them and only wants them to dig up the gold for him. Thomas asks Smith about the New World and what it will be like and Smith says he's seen hundreds, there won't be anything special about this one.

Moving towards the New World, we discover it is inhabited by Indians, led by the great chief Powhatan. He is returning to the village after sucess in a mighty battle but he doesn't see his daughter waiting for him. The doctor Kekata tells him she's a free spirit like her mother. Up on a mountain ledge we see the chief's daughter Pocahontas and her friend Nakoma calls up to her, to tell her of her father's return. Pocahontas is delighted and dives off the top of the mountain to join Nakoma and the two girls return to the village to see Powhatan praise their greatest warrior Kocoum for his bravery in the battle. Pocahontas greets her father and tells him she has been having a dream lately and thinks it means something important. Her father says it does and that Kocoum has asked to marry her. Pocahontas thinks it means something different, that Kocoum is too serious for her but her father tells her that he is steady like the river and that she should be too. Pocahontas watches the river and realises that it isn't steady at all, it changes all the time. She goes to visit Grandmother Willow, an old tree with a womans face, that agrees with Pocahontas about Kocoum and tells her that the spirits of the earth will guide her and be able to understand her dream if she listens with her heart. She hears the wind speak to her, telling her 'strange clouds' are coming. She climbs the tree and sees the 'strange clouds' which are really the sails of the settlers ship arriving.

Back on the ship, the settlers are arriving on the shores, unaware that Pocahontas is watching them from the bushes. They begin anchoring the boat and John Smith climgs a tree to get a better view, right where Pocahontas is watching. Meeko goes for a closer look and John gives him biscuits and Meeko waves to Pocahontas. John goes over for a closer look but is stopped from seeing Pocahontas by Flit and the arrival of the Governor. He declares the land on behalf of King James and calls it Jamestown. He sends Smith out to discover the whereabouts of the Indians and sets the rest of the men to building the fort and starts them digging for his gold.

Meanwhile, the Indians are curious about the new visitors but sense they don't mean them well. The Chief sends Cocoum out with a party to observe them and find out who they are and what they want. Smith begins to explore the land, still being followed and watched by Pocahontas. While at a waterfall, he sees her reflection behind him in the water and hides, ready to shoot her. As she ventures out from her hiding place towards him, he leaps out with his gun but stops as he realises how beautiful she is. She is unaware of the danger and simply stands and watches him until he moves towards her and she flees. He follows her and tells her he means her no harm but she doesn't understand his language and he doesn't know hers. He reaches his hand out and as she takes it, Grandmother Willow's words about listening with her heart come back to her and she listens again and can understand what he is saying and replies to his question with her name.

Back at the settlement, the Indians are watching the men digging the land up. They have yet to find anything other than rocks and dirt. Percy spots one of the indians and suddenly the men are scrambling to defend themselves. The Indians retaliate and one of them is wounded with a gun. They retreat quickly and the men celebrate, but Ratcliff knows they will return. The Chief tells Kocoum to rally the other warriors to fight the white men and warns everyone to stay away from them. However, Pocahontas is still talking to John Smith and the two of them are learning about each others worlds and customs. Flit is suspicious of John, but Meeko is friendly and finds John's compass and runs off with it. John tells him he can keep it and he'll get another one in London. Pocahontas wishes she could see the things in London and John tells her she will when they build them in Jamestown. He makes the mistake of calling her a 'savage' and she leaves insulted. He follows her trying to explain what he meant. She tells him she doesn't understand how she is the ignorant savage when all he wants to do is destroy the land rather than learn from it.

Back at the fort, Ratcliff is panicking because they haven't found the gold yet and the men are concerned about John, he seems different since he returned to the fort. Ratcliff thinks that the Indians have the gold and sends Ben and Lom after Smith who has vanished from the camp again. Meanwhile, Pocahontas and Nakoma are gathering food for the warriors and Nakoma senses that Pocahontas is hiding something from her. This is confirmed when John arrives to see her and Pocahontas asks Nakoma to keep their secret and takes John to meet Grandmother Willow. While they are there, the warriors arrive and they realise that war between the two sides is imminent. They both return to their sides to talk to their people. Pocahontas convinces her father to talk to John if he comes but John has less success with Ratcliff and the men and Ratcliff confirms his intentions to go to war against the savages. John sneaks out of the camp to meet up with Pocahontas and the Governor sends Thomas after him. Pocahontas also sneaks out but Nakoma warns her not to go. When she ignores her, Nakoma goes to find Kocoum and sends him after Pocahontas. When the two meet at Grandmother Willow's tree, Pocahontas asks John to talk to her father and he agrees after Grandmother Willow points out it's the only way for them to be together. They realise they love one another and kiss but Kocoum sees them and rushes to attack John. Thomas arrives and shoots and kills Kocoum to save John. John tells Thomas to run away and takes the blame himself. The Indians take him back to their camp and the Chief tells him that he will be the first to die in the war. Thomas rushes back to the settlement and tells the men that John has been captured and they prepare for war to rescue him.

Pocahontas visits Grandmother Willow again and admits she feels lost. Meeko hands over the compass and she realises her dream was pointing to John. She realises she has to try and stop the war and rushes to the site of the battle, throwing herself over John to protect him just as her father is about to kill him. She makes her father realise that they don't have to fight and he stands his men down, releasing John. Ratcliff tells his men to shoot them but they refuse, realising the Indians don't want to fight them. Ratcliff scorns them for being cowards and snatches a gun, firing it at the Chief. John leaps in front of the Chief to save him and gets shot himself. The men see Ratcliff for the evil greedy man he is and turn against him, tieing him up. Thomas tells Pocahontas that John must return to England to stand a chance of living and he asks her to return with him. She tells him that her place is with her people but she will always be with him in his heart. As his ship leaves, she sends the wind to speed him home safely, despite the fact she loves him.


Name: - Pocahontas

Hair Colour: - Black

Eye Colour: - Brown

Lives: - North America

Family: - Father: Chief Powhatan (mother deceased)

Known Associates: - Meeko (raccoon), Flit (Hummingbird), Nakoma, Grandmother Willow (tree)

Personality:- Independant, wild, proud, free spirited, strong

Likes: - Nature, being outdoors, exploring, being free

Dislikes: - Destruction, forced to do anything

Loves: - John Smith

Enemies: - Governor Ratcliff

Any alter egos? : - None

Motto: - Wingapo