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On Mt. Olympus the little Hercules is born, he is Zeus and Hera's son. The baby is very strong and he is surrounded by presents among his little winged horses: Pegasus. All gods love Hercules, all gods but not Hades. He is the brother of Zeus and the god of Underworld. Hades wants to reign on Mt Olympus so he asks the three Fates for help. They know the past, the present and the future. The Fates tell Hades that in eighteen years the planets will line up: at that time Hades can free the Titans to defeat Zeus... but if Hercules fights... Hades will lose his battle. So Hades prepares a potion to make Hercules mortal. He orders his slaves Pain and Panic to abduct him, make drink him the potion and kill him. Luckily he did not drink all potion: Hercules is mortal but he is still very strong and must live on Earth with his adoptive parents, Amphitryon and Alcmene. The strength of Hercules was a problem, he seemed to break everything he touched. Shunned because of the destruction he caused, Hercules grew up sad and lonely. So Alcmene and Amphityon explained to him that he was indeed different from everyone. They showed to Hercules the symbol of the gods, the medallion that was around his neck when they found him. Eager to solve the mystery of his birth, Hercules travelled to the Temple of Zeus, for answers. He was shocked when the statue of Zeus came alive and the god revealed that he was Hercules' father, and the goddess Hera was his mother. Zeus explained that Hercules had been kidnapped and changed into a mortal while still baby. Then he told him why he could not come home. "Only gods can live on Mt. Olympus" he said "but if you can prove yourself a true hero on Earth, your godhood will be restored... first, you must seek Philoctetes, the trainer of heroes". Reunited with Pegasus, Hercules flew off and soon found Philoctetes, the satyr. Hero-training was so difficult that Hercules often thought of quitting. In the end, though, he refused to give up and kept on working to reach his goal. Finally Phil told Hercules that he was ready for his first real test in the big, though city of Thebes. On their way to Thebes, Phil and Hercules saw a beautiful young woman named Megara, who was being chased by a centaur. Hercules rushed to Megara's rescue. After Hercules had defeated the centaur, Megara introduced herself. Hercules was so enchanted by Meg's beauty. On her way home, Meg met Hades and his helpers, Pain and Panic. Meg mentioned that she had just met someone named Hercules. Hades was furious when he heard the name. Hercules was the only one who could stop the evil Hades from taking over Olympus. Hades began trying to destroy Hercules once again. He used Meg to trick Hercules into unleashing a frightening monster called Hydra. But Hercules defeated the Hydra and every other monster that Hades sent. And with each victory, Hercules become more and more famous. Hades finally realised that no one was strong enough to defeat Hercules. Still, Hades thought, he must have one weakness... Suddenly Hades knew the answer: Meg was Hercules' weakness. Hercules would do anything to protect her from harm. Hades thought about this and came up with and idea. He would make Meg his prisoner! Hercules was so upset when he saw Meg in chains that he agreed to a strange bargain. He would surrender his strength for a day if Hades would set Meg free. Hades was ready to put his plan into action. First Hades freed the Titans from the pit where they had been imprisoned by Zeus. Then Hades ordered the Cyclops, a one-eyed monster, to get rid of Hercules. Without his mighty strength, Hercules was no match for the Cyclops. But with Phil's encouragement, Hercules somehow managed to defeat the monster. Meg, though, was injured while trying to save Hercules from a falling column. And true to Hades' promise, as soon as Meg was hurt, Hercules' strength came back. Although Hercules didn't want to leave the gravely injured Meg, she convinced him to go help his father stop Hades. Hercules left Meg in Phil's care and hurried to Mt. Olympus. He found the gods in chains and Zeus trapped in a mountain of frozen lava. With his bare hands, Hercules ripped open the lava and freed his father. Together they defeated the Titans. Hades knew his grand plan to take over Olympus was now ruined. As he headed back to the Underworld, he took pleasure in telling Hercules that Meg was dying. Hercules hurried back Meg, but her spirit had already left her body. Hercules rushed down to the Underworld, where he saw Meg's spirit floating in a pit of swirling souls. Hercules' willingness to give his life for Meg - made him a true hero at last. On his return to Olympus, Hercules was given a hero's welcome. But he finally knew where he truly belonged on Earth with Meg, where together they would live happily ever after


Name: - Hercules

Hair Colour: - Red

Eye Colour: - Blue

Lives: - Greece

Family: - Father Zeus, Mother Hera

Known Associates: - Phil, Pegasus

Personality:- Strong, clumsy, brave, although sometimes reckless

Likes: - Training to be a Hero

Dislikes: - Clumsiness, feeling as though he doesn't belong

Loves: - Megara

Enemies: - Hades

Any alter egos? : - None

Motto: - I can go the distance