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Wynora's Art

Heyyo Peeps!! Welcome to my art section of Choco!
Well, browse around and.... enjoy ^-^

Alex in a fighting Costume --
heh, Alex in a cool costume!! XD

Dani in a fighting Costume --
Dani, a good friend of ours in a cool costume as well!!

Ren and her MAN!! --
A small gift to my friend Ren ^_^ it's her and Mirai Trunks XD

It's a Full Moon tonight O.o --
MY DAUGHTER!! hehe and of course her lover. He's the son of Hinoko aka Chi-chan ^_^

Marron --
Marron in a cute pose XD

Dani Elf --
Dani as an elf! ^_^

Pan as an adult --
Adult Pan ^-^ who ever said that a tom boyish girl can't grow up to be a beautiful tom boyish mature woman?

Mirai Marron --

Future Marron, how and why I came up with this idea to draw this. I don't know ^^;; ... But she does look cool huh?

Marron Profile --
A small piccie of Marron ^^;; A little bit to small ^^;;

ChiChi Sketch --
A sketch of ChiChi, I guess this is what she would look like in my style

Wynora --
And a small piccie of myself ^^

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