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Welcome To ChoCo

Hello and Welcome to Chocolate and Vanilla Swirls
A Dragon Ball Z/GT site dedicated to the love of the characters Uubu and Marron.
If you do not like this couple, than we suggest you should leave. If you are curious to what we have in store all about Uubu and Marron, than go right a head.

Just to make this clear to everyone, this is a shrine dedicated to Uubu and Marron and only to them!

We have lots of goodies in store for you. Information about Uubu and Marron. Images, Fan Arts, Fan Fictions, Humor and more!
So take a look around, have fun and sign our guestbook! ^^

-- Wynora & Alex --

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Disclaimer ...

2002/2003 to Wynora and Alex. All rights served.
We do not claim DBZ/GT, Akira Toryiama owns them all! And maybe Toei a little too..