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Uubu & Marron Art

Art of the two most cute couple of the Next Genaration Z'ers ^_^
If you have any art of these two people, then don't be shy! Send it to us!
We are happy with ever tribute to this site from others, so send! (lol)

By Jess

Uubu and Marron sharring a kiss --
A very cute picture drawn by Jess, so cute!

Marron in Uubu's arms --
And another one!! hehe... don't you just love pictures of couples with the boy carrying the girl? ^-^

By Jorieke

Uubu holding Marron close --
OMG this is such a CUTE piccie!! We love it sooooooo much!! Adorable!! See the way Uubu is holding Marron so close?!?! SO CUTE!!! And yet again, Jorieke has done an excellent job!!
Click here to view the same piccie but with out background

Can you say: CUTE?! --
This cute picture was drawn for Wynora (she requested it)
The very first picture which made Wynora even more sure about the fact that Uubu and Marron do belong to eachother! ^__^

By Wynora

Uubu and Marron as Chibi's --
CHIBI!! Who doesn't love chibi piccies?! hehe we sure do XP

Sharring another kiss --
My very first kissie piccie.... -_-;;; Wy: I don't like it
Alex: you never are satisfied huh?

By Alex:

A Romatic eve --
Marron and Uubu standing in the dark with the moon and stars and..... well a romantic piccie!!
Colored by Wynora

Hold Me Now --
Uubu holding Marron tightly while she is crying. Who wouldn't want a guy like that!

By Ren

Plushy Love --
Plushy Love! hehehe, this piccie was up with our last Lay out. So colorful, so cute, adorable!! Hell, it's everything....except for scary and... ok we'll shut up now ^^;;;

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