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D12 Biography

- Biography -

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- Eminem -





Real Name: Marshall Bruce Mathers III

Alter Ego: Slim Shady

Birth date: 17 October 1973


- Swifty -





Real Name: Ondre Moore

Alter Ego: Swifty McVay

Birth date: 17 March 1976


- Proof -





Real Name: DeShaun Holton

Alter Ego: Dirty Harry

Birth date: 2 October 1975


- Kuniva -





Real Name: Von Carlisle

Alter Ego: Rondell Beene.

Birth date: 10 December 1976


- Bizzare -





Real Name: Rufus Johnson

Alter Ego: Peter S. Bizarre

Birth date: 5 July 1976


- Kon Artis -





Real Name: Denine Porter

Alter Ego: Mr. Denaun Porter

Birth date: 7 December 1978


- D12 -

D12 is a rap group featuring six emcees from Detroit, each of them having an alter ego. The current line up consists of Proof aka Dirty Harry, Eminem aka Slim Shady, Bizarre aka Peter S. Bizarre, Kuniva aka Rondell Beene, Kon Artis aka Denine Porter and Swift aka Swifty McVeigh. Former members include Eye-Kyu and Bugz.

The group was founded by Proof around 1995. While driving home from New York, he came up with an idea that they should form a rap group and name themselves the Dirty Dozen. The first three members were Proof, Eminem and Kon Artis. They were later joined by an emcee named Eye-Kyu.

Eminem already had a solo deal with the local label Web Entertainment and in 1996, he released his debut album "Infinite". Kon Artis did most of the production for the album and Eye-Kyu was featured on the songs "It's Okay" and "313." Bizarre was the next member to join the group and he was featured on Eminem's second album "The Slim Shady EP" which was released in 1997. Eminem also made an appearance on Bizarre's "Attack of the Weirdos EP."

Around this time, Kon Artis was part of a group called Da Brigade where he was partners with an emcee who went by the name of Kuniva. Soon Kuniva was part of the D12 line up, which now consisted of five members. The sixth member was a rapper named Bugz.

In 1998, Eminem was discovered by Dr. Dre and began working on his major label debut "The Slim Shady LP." Now that Eminem had gone solo, he was going to get D12 a record deal and just lead the group and make a few appearances. The new member of the group was an emcee named Swift who appeared on the Eminem song "No One's Iller" back in 1997.

Bugz, however, was involved in a fight on Belle Island in May of 1999 and was shot to death and ran over. He had accidentally sprayed a girl with water that night and she told two guys what had happened. The two of them killed Bugz. After Bugz's tragic death, Eminem placed himself in the group again.

In 2000, D12's underground EP was released. Eminem started up his own label, Shady Records, and signed D12. The group released their first single "Shit on You" in October and on June 19, 2001, they released their debut album "Devil's Night." The album debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts, selling 371, 000 copies.

D12 are now currently in progress making their new album due next year.

- D12 FACTS -

*D12 member Swift replaced original band member Bugz who was shot dead two years ago. All D12 members have his name tattooed on their forearms.

*Eminem and Proof have known each other since the age of 13, despite living on the same street, they attended different schools. Eminem would cut classes, turn up at Proof's school to earn money competing with other MC's.

*Bizarre is also known as Bizarre Kid, Idiotic Bizarre and the fabulous Bizarrney Rubble. Bizarre's hobbies include collecting tire irons and shower caps.

*D12's debut album 'Devils Night' is named after a Detroit tradition where the city's kids set fire to the derelict buildings on the night before Halloween. 151 fires were started last year.

*Kon Artis was a keen basketball player, but his dreams of success were cut short after he was shot in the leg.

*When the D12 boys were young, they made a pact that whoever got famous first would come back for the others. That is how D12 came to be after Eminem became one of the most well-known and controversial rappers in history.

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