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Oh by the Scrolls of Nemeriah! It has been made known to me that Tyrranus and Sir Valiant's armies have done combat. Watch the footage here!

Observe as the Lord of Darkness penetrates Sir Valient with his mighty sword and reveals much about himself that once was hidden.

The New Video Page HERE!!!

Here is the UBER-Ogre Gewaldo in all its glory! Beware Traveler.

Be Wary for Dark Speech is of utterance!
The Army of Darkness Completing Its Task to Terrorize the People!!! (Rightith Click Savith Target As!!)
ALAS! Invaders from the Eastern shores of Ungoth hath breached the Walls of Goliant in the Battle of the Wartorn Hearts! Joining efforts with the Lord of Darkness, the Eastern Warriors cry out for "Allah" and rape babies and kill infidels! For this vicious beings hath no heart in their bosom, for they were created by none other than Tyrannus, Eldar of Multanor, Mentor of the Nameless Mage, King of the Westergull, and mighty Mage of the Sindarath Plateau!

HOLY SHIT!!! Another message hath arrvived from upon the Plains of Nazgarbul! Slade Gorton, Prime Minister of Evil, hath made a new allie, from upon the plains of Tiglarquan-icbul a new shadow from the East. Dr. Kevorkian hath pledged allegiance to the Lord of Darkness and the Shadowness! Doctor Kevorkian hath great presence with Alzaber Rex, mightiest of the 12 Necromages!

A New enemy of darkness hath arisen in the Golden Coasts of Belegriand! Strom Thurmond hath led an Army of Light into the stronghold of Thizbraquant and routed the Fel Orcs and Cave Trolls of Nazaragol-Toll!

OMFG! Message from Lord of Darkness! "Prime Minister of Evil, Slade Gorton, hath returned from the shadow to lead the Minions of Evil to battle! Norgoroth shall not falter!"

Prime Minister of Evil Slade Gorton with the Minions of Evil!

Prime Minister of Evil, Slade Gorton!

The Old VIDEO!!

Portal that doth display the planet we inhabit Brispin
New Page for those who are weary...Gith
Darku, Archmagi of the Shadow Realm Shalok hath been bestowed upon us, click here and here. Lookith at the Impish King!! He hath comith out of the deep abyss to check up on his dominion! I hath updated the webed site with my electrobox and hath updated thee with a new page filled with enchanments. There beith a newith magical spell in mine area. The Lord of Darkness has spokened to all and has awakened the evil spirits. His minions have returned from their graves to worship and follow in his dark presence. He is can control the shadows and the night, and manipulate creatures with evil intent. Woe, to all those with good hearts, because alas, evil will prevail. Armed with the Scimitar of Death, Poison Darts of Wounding and Skull Flails, he is the ultimate fighter.


The Ice King with his Frost Daggers of the Arctic, is the king of Ice. He wears a crown of gold with rubys and he is powerful beyond belief. He has slain many brave fighters who have challenged him, and has even wounded the Lord of Darkness in a battle at the Wizards Gate. His use of ice makes him more deadly then a Basilisk. He who is most valiant of Dup-Dup Dwarves, beith betwixt the Arcland and Nemorath snow plains amongst Snoweth Pixies.

Chambers of Snowy Frost
  An all powerful wizard has been rumored to be wandering around the lands and killing those who stumble upon him. Noone knows his real name, but they call him the Nameless Mage, or Nanordur Magi in Ogre language. He is said to posses the all powerful Staff of the Demon King, and casts a spell of Doom. His spells are tremendusly powerful and deadly.
  Jurungo Klebthunglia; The Dwarf Hunter of Twe-levia
There beith a mighty slave of fire, thoust shall speaketh his name only once: Jurungo Klebthunglia, Dwarf-Hunter of Twe-levia. He hath been sent to destroy the Dup-Dup and Hug-Hug dwarves. He cometh from the bowels of the Twe-levian langolese mines. If ye possesseth stupidity, thou must knoweth this mighty swordsman is armed with the legendary cutlass, Haustan-Gilla. Imbued with the Holy Emerald of the Laurdem angels, this hellish thug be powerful beyond the solar premises.
Jesus of Nazareth
This wench of a being was sent down by God Almighty to savith all mortal beings from all evil. If thoust believith any foes of dark can standith up to himith, thoust hasith a cranial dysfunction. He isith the only creature capable of beingith lawful-Good, and still stand a chance against the almighty creatures of the Realm.

The 4th season of Hollovail Nightfall

It is I, the Lord of Darkness, bringing forth good news of my advancement into the realm of Light, carrying with me the Shadows of the Abyss. I have broken through the Sheild Barrier of Space, and crossed the Sea of Blyss, I will rule all.

Also I bought some child's soul of ebay this morrow.

Warriors have entered this page.

Hello World!