. Description Bipedal (Antho)

Standing at 5'9, Shyama looks as if she was a black dragon. If you assume that your eyesight is one of great quanaties. However, there is one flaw: Shyama is only partial Black-Dragon. Upon closer inspection you will notice that her scales are a lighter black and not so dark. Long, Silver hair flows from her scalp to her shapely thighs. Her attire before would cause one to question of her origin, For she wore a loincloth skirt and a tank-top matching fabric. No, she was not a pleasure slave, nor a whore by any means.. the clothing she wore was not of choice, it was: "Take it now, or have none." Due that she found it in her most vulrnable state.. Now, She wears a dress that clings to her curves and lithe figure. The dress wears itself quite comfortably and brings her natural beauty out of hiding. A golden 'arm-band' curves around her left upper-arm. She holds varied tribal markings on her body. One, which can be easily spotted is three black lines neath both her eyes. The longest extending from the bottom of her eye and stretching to her cheeks, following, the marks shorten in length. The second marking on her body rests on the spine of her hips. It is much simliar to a flame design.


Draconic (Origional)

When She Transforms, Brought forth is a large dragoness. Her spine is covered in jagged spikes that look and maneuver more like styleish feathers of a bird. Though to the touch, are very- very sharp. Sat atop her head is a proud crown of horns that grace the back of her skull and 'round her upper and lower jawline. These are used for both protection and style. Paws, of three to four toes in total hold tightly to them a deadly weapon that is one to be reckoned with. Large, curved black talons that look both beautiful and dangerous at the same time. Her wingspan is in total when opened completley: 20 feet. Between the leathery membrane of wing, three 'fingers' help the dragon fly and glide through the air, they're also an add-on when she folds her wings against her back. Eyes vary to a dark crimson to an albino white and hold great emotion and serenity. The 'Marking' benneath the eyes are still visable. Except for the one on her hips which is blocked-out from the spines and spikes that cover her body. For a female, one would to wonder how and why she received all the spikes, she gains that trait from her father.. who was a war general for his clan, "Drache" (German : Dragon).